Social Walks High Peak Dog Services

These group walks are a terrific opportunity for any dog, reactive or not, to socialise with, and make new canine pals!

Contrary to popular belief, off lead play isn’t the only game in town when it comes to socialisation. 

Side by side walks on the lead are perfect social activities for your dog too!

So, whether you have a dog that is a social butterfly, but prefers calmer, on-lead socialising (like a senior dog)

or a dog who needs exercise in a more controlled environment than what you find in the dog park (like a dog recovering from an injury), groups walks might be the perfect fit for you.

We will be welcoming all breeds, sizes and most temperaments of dogs, meaning there will be reactive dog owners on these too.

I can tell you, as the owner of a more sensitive breed, we definitely want our space, but that doesn’t mean we never want our dogs to enjoy the company of other dogs.

We simply want or need more structured socialisation opportunities, where we can count on other dog owners to respect our space.

This is especially true for dogs who are learning to stay calm around other dogs.

If you’ve ever been in reactive dog training, you know that one of the best ways to increase your dog’s skills around other dogs is to practice, practice, practice.

But that’s hard to do when the trainers dog is no longer there, and you’re up against unknown and out of control dogs 

Most of it, sets you back, not progresses you!

So, that’s why we’re now offering more structure and support to your dogs socialisation.

Social Walks High Peak Dog Services

Please Read This Thoroughly

Any breed of dog is welcomed.

We advise that dogs are at least 8 months old to attend, due to the length of time we will be walking.

Most weeks (Sundays), we’ll be going for a group walk in and around the Buxton area.

Expect to be out walking for at least two hours.

Please note these will need to have structure in place to ensure everyone’s safety and security, due to the varying temperaments of dogs attending.

Walks will always begin on the lead, whilst we settle the dogs in.

Please give plenty of space to others, as some dogs are learning to overcome their fears, or learning to be around dogs again, after being attacked

We walk, whilst slowly closing the gapbetween us and to ranges that your dog is comfortable with.

We will allow off lead time towards the end of the walk for those who wish too, and in a suitable location.

For those who don’t, we will ensure you have space away from the off leaders.

The fee to attend is £5 per walk and the location will be confirmed, by email, on the Friday before we are due to meet

You are responsible for picking up after your dog.

When we encounter people outside of our walking group, we will be responsible by ensuring we have full control of our dogs, and give them space from our potentially overwhelming crowd. 

In the case of severe weather (too hot/wet/snow) walks may be cancelled and full refunds will be made.

Before joining a group like this, you need to do two things:

Know your dog and their limitations. These group walks aren’t every dog’s cup of kibble.

Know the rules of the walking club. Every dog is different.

Many of dog walking rules listed here are in place to accommodate dogs in recovery,  please follow the rule that dogs do NOT interact during the hike or that we openly encourage you to walk over to another.

Space will be required to ensure all of the dogs and handlers can enjoy themselves.

You’ll also need to know if your dog is up for the challenge of being around a potentially large group of dogs. You may need to start small and work up to joining this type of social outing.

This money will go towards our designated charities at Christmas time. 

Each month, our puppy socials donate towards charity for their group walks, and so it seemed only fair to do the same with these events.

Refunds are not permitted, unless the event is cancelled due to extreme weather, so please make sure you can attend and book each time for your attendance.