Reactive Dog Walks High Peak Dog Services

Join us for these group walks which present an excellent opportunity for every dog, even those who are reactive, to engage at a slower pace and eventually mingle with other canine companions and make friends!

While many believe off-lead play is the sole means of socialising dogs, on-lead walks provide equally valuable social interactions.

Whether your dog is a social butterfly preferring calmer, on-lead interactions, or they are learning about being around other dogs due to past trauma, injury or just being a bit silly, these group walks cater perfectly to their needs.

All breeds, sizes, and most temperaments of dogs are welcome, including those with reactive tendencies.

We have to ask that if your dog is known to bite, please bring them in a muzzle to avoid injury to others. We won’t exclude you! 

As a sensitive breed owner, I understand the importance of space but also recognise the desire for our dogs to enjoy the company of others. We seek structured socialisation opportunities where fellow dog owners respect each other’s boundaries.

This is particularly beneficial for dogs learning to remain composed around others, as consistent practice in controlled environments significantly enhances their skills.

Reactive dog training emphasises the necessity of regular practice, so we try to keep this walks on a weekly basis.

We understand it can be challenging when faced with unfamiliar and uncontrolled canine encounters, but we promise we will give you plenty of space and not set back any progress you’ve been making

Here, we ensure a safer and more conducive environment for learning and growth for all.

Join us to provide your dog with the positive experiences they deserve!

Reactive Dog Walks High Peak Dog Services

Please Read This Thoroughly

  • All dog breeds welcome.

  • Recommended age for dogs attending: at least 12 months old due to walk duration.

  • There is no training advice given on these walks. 

  • Group walks mainly on Sundays in and around the Buxton area. Sometimes we travel further out.

  • Expected duration of walks: at least two hours.

  • Structured walks for safety due to dogs’ differing temperaments.

  • Walks remain on-lead for the duration of the walk. You are free to let your dog off after the walk, but not during it within our group space or location.

  • Respect others’ space as some dogs are overcoming fears or past traumas.

  • Gradually closing the gap while walking is fine, based on your dog’s comfort but equally as important another dogs too. Don’t push your dog onto someone else’s, who doesn’t want it. You don’t need to prove anything!

  • Fee to attend: £10 per walk, per dog, location confirmed via email on Saturday morning. Please don’t message or email me asking for the location prior to this. If you haven’t received anything before 4pm Saturday, then feel free to ask after that!

  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs and maintaining adequate control. We expect some barking whilst we get going, but please ensure that you are capable of holding onto your dog.

  • Ensuring control of dogs around non-group members encountered during walks. We will encounter the general public whilst out, take as much space as you and your dog need and we will regroup afterwards.

  • Cancellation policy: Severe weather conditions may lead to walk cancellations with full refunds.

  • Refunds are not permitted in any other circumstance. 

As no training is provided during these walks (please schedule a class, a 1:1 session, or an assessment zoom call for that purpose),

Before participating in this group, it’s essential to:

  1. Understand your dog and their capabilities; these walks may not suit every dog’s temperament.

  2. Familiarise yourself with the walking club’s regulations, considering the individuality of each dog.

Several rules for dog walking groups aim to accommodate dogs in recovery; please adhere to the above guidelines, such as avoiding dog interactions during the hike unless prior approval and permission is given from the owner. 

You don’t know what another dog has been through. 

Space is necessary to ensure a pleasant experience for all dogs and handlers.

Moreover, assess whether your dog is prepared to handle the challenge of being in the company of a potentially large group of dogs.

It might be advisable to start with smaller social settings, such as a foundations class, before joining such outings.

Reactive Dog Walks High Peak Dog Services

Refunds are not permitted, unless the event is cancelled due to extreme weather, so please make sure you can attend and book each time for your attendance.