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Starts September 6th, 5:45pm

Our Relax! Don’t React! Training Course is run over four weeks comprising of a one hour session, per week.

It has been specifically designed to help dogs who display behaviours such as aggression, reactivity, barking, or lunging towards other dogs or humans due to fear, anxiety, excitement or frustration (this list is not exhaustive). 

There will be a maximum of 6 dogs on the course, at any one time

What Are You Going To Learn?

Reactive Dog Class High Peak Dog Services

The first initial session is going to be mostly theory based.

Due to reactivity being such a complicated and highly debated topic, we aim to educate you on some of the most important aspects throughout the whole course, without worrying about having to handle your dog.

This will be held in an inside environment, where we will perform full assessments of each dog in the group to identify their behaviours and formulating a plan to begin implementing the training methods to start their rehabilitation.

On this lesson, you will be asked to provide video evidence of your dog during one of their reactions. Due to this being difficult to capture on your own, we advise you get assistance in order to record them. We advise three separate incidents of reactions for your assessment. These are to be sent prior to the class beginning.

Reactive Dog Class High Peak Dog Services

The second session will include our first training week of ‘Look at Me’

Here, we will develop this method so it’s reliable and
refreshing for you to see, that with the right parameters and set up that your reactive dog is capable of ignoring other dogs. 

Once we have mastered the initial stages of this command, then we will progress to the next stage of the method, ensuring it is solid before you leave the class. 

There will be sufficient rest periods provided for the dogs during the sessions.

You will then be expected to practice your training throughout the week, ready for the following class.

Reactive Dog Class High Peak Dog Services

In week three, we will be looking at all of the ways in which you can guide your dog away from those moments that are going to matter!

Those corners, surprise encounters, head on approaches or narrow pathways that send chills through your spine


We want you to leave this lesson knowing exactly what to do and when, in training your dog to respond to the ‘this way’ command.

We will put this weeks skill into real life action, so be prepared to see how your dog learns to respond to you, even when another dog is approaching them.

Reactive Dog Class High Peak Dog Services

We’re at Week Four and your patience is no longer going to be wearing thin 

This week, we’ll be looking at the most utilised training within the pet world, that’s almost always taught WRONG

This week, we’re going to be untangling the tolerance, and re-installing patience that pays off.

Due to most reactivity issues stemming from a lack of patience, this week is all focused on helping them in more tougher situations. 

Can your dog remain still when another dog is playing, close by?


Can they sit and watch calmly, as they’re approached by another dog? 

Well, after this lesson they’ll be able to do either one of those skills with ease

This is also graduation week!

Reactive Dog Class High Peak Dog Services

In order to graduation, you will undertake a short practical based test, of everything we have covered during the course.

This means, you need to have been to each lesson in order to pass.

The main aims of this course are:

  • To increase your awareness and to improve your understanding of your dog’s natural communication.
  • Identifying and learning to read your dog’s calming signals and stress indicators.
  • Identify the methods to use in different situations to avoid problem behaviours arising
  • Identify the limitations of both you and your dog.
  • Understanding the meaning and uses of Attention, Guidance and Patience amongst Exposure and Habituation with other dogs
  • Understanding what engagement is and it’s role in your dog’s rehabilitation.
  • Developing your ability to use a variety of training methods to help your particular dog.
  • Provide you with the confidence to continue the training on your own.