All training is delivered by author and UK expert speaker ‘The Dog Charmer’ Claire Lawrence

Pandemic Puppies!

Has your puppy missed out on socialisation through lockdown?

Are you starting to see problem behaviours arising such as dragging on the lead or barking towards other people and dogs?

Have you just got a puppy but inside classes aren’t reopening yet, due to the Coronavirus?

I don’t want the Covid Generation puppies suffering and to help I’m offering a one off socialisation class to make sure you’re equipped with the skills you need to keep their attention on you, and prevent any problematic behaviour worsening.

Limited to six puppies per class, working outside in the real world, socially distanced at all times.

£25 per puppy, socialisation, engagement and loose lead walking methods delivered on this course by author and UK barking dog speaker Claire Lawrence

To book your space, simply use the booking system above

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