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Pandemic Puppies!

Has your puppies socialisation and training taken a dive during this pandemic?

At the start of all of this, I spoke with many other pet professionals and we all said puppies will either go one of two ways. 

Confident, calm and disinterested in everything around them. Or massively under socialised, excessively pulling on the lead, not listening to owners or worse, barking towards everything or anything they see.

Even though restrictions are being lifted, let’s face it, people out there are still cautious of being approached by unknown people, and I know from talking to some of them, they don’t want someone else’s dog buzzing around their feet because it’s A: annoying and B: intrusive to personal space.  

I also think people will be cautious of this for a long time to come. And whilst we can’t control other peoples thoughts and feelings, what we can control is how our dogs respond to their environment. 

If they see a distraction, how cool would it be if they looked back to you automatically? 

Or when they’re off the lead and totally free, wouldn’t it be a delight to know that on one call of their name, they’d come charging back to you without a second thought?

I’ll be delivering another session on my Pandemic Puppies, training class on September 26th, 10am so if you’re struggling to get your puppy to listen, or you’ve missed out on a load of socialisation, you definitely want to be securing your space on this. 

Spaces are limited and we start promptly at 10am in Buxton, Derbyshire. 

I can’t wait to help more people have a puppy who listens and comes back when called first time, every time!

What I particularly liked about today was that you personalised it for our less food motivated pup. Knowing that we can do the same with toys is helpful for us. It’s also really helpful seeing an expert show us with our own dog! 

(content restricted due to personal details on training elsewhere)

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that as I certainly didn’t feel like that today! It was a great session and worth the long drive to get there! 

Hi Claire,

Thanks for the puppy class today.  🙂🐕

We really enjoyed it!

I would love  to join your new venture starting in September which you have mentioned on your Canine Chaos Facebook. 

All training is delivered by author and UK expert speaker ‘The Dog Charmer’ Claire Lawrence

For barking dog or other training enquiries, please use the contact me form below. There are currently two spaces remaining for my 12 week Elite program, designed to assist in better managing your barking dog. 


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