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Coronavirus Update and change to the services

Personal message from Claire:


I hope you’re ok during this really tricky time, as a small business its difficult sorting through the science of the virus, listening to the officials and then making decisions surrounding what to do. But ultimately keeping everyone safe is my priority.

With regards to the lockdown being lifted and the services I offer, Im not one for diving straight back in to things.

Fortunately, with the way I work, social distancing isn’t anything new to me. And is THE way to help your problematic dog or socialising your new puppy.  

The changes I will be making moving forward have been designed with the safety precautions top of mind. 

For 1-2-1 training where I would normally come to you:
All initial consultations will now be held online only and I will not be coming to peoples houses. As this stands, it’s actually a better model to use on the whole anyway, as when the trainer is around, the dog rarely performs the undesirable behaviour.

Click below to find out more about the details for this. 

For class settings, I will not be opening these just yet, but will be re-opening my Teenage Tearaways course, plus another which I am finalising now too. More details to come. 

I will continue to follow the government advice on social distancing, until it is safe to return to classes and people’s homes for training.

However, in terms of barking dogs time really is of the essence and because I automatically work away from the owner and at distance from other dogs, these new social distancing sessions will return. 

I am opening up limited spaces to join this Elite training because now is the time to start helping your barking dog. Whilst the distractions are still low. 

Fill in the contact form below to receive more details for Elite.  

The barking dog event for April has been postponed until September, and the first date of the tour remains, at present, for June 20th in Wrexham. 

I thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope together we can work through this whilst giving you and your dog everything you need to continue making progress. 


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