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Where simplicity meets success 

 If you’ve been feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by overly complicated methods or the stress and strain of living and owning a reactive dog, you’re in the right place.

I believe in making training achievable and enjoyable for both of you which is why I’d like to invite you to embark on a journey into the wonders of scent work with our free 7-day, dog training trial.

Discover the joy of training through harnessing your dog’s natural abilities and strengthening your bond like never before.

Say goodbye to frustration and hello to major progress!

Claire Lawrence High Peak Dog Services
Claire Lawrence High Peak Dog Services
Claire Lawrence High Peak Dog Services
Claire is renown for rehabilitating barking dogs with behaviour issues and her no nonsense approach with the facts.
She’s focused on helping owners to unlock their core confidence and use her success driven systems and management techniques, which have consistently made her the go to dog trainer for reactive dogs
Claire Lawrence High Peak Dog Services

“This Downloadable Book Is The Secret To Convincing Your Dog That You Understand Them. Which In Turn, Helps Them To Learn To Listen To You”

Imagine Being Able To Easily:

  • Offer valuable insight into building a strong relationship with your dog and fostering effective communication 
  • Overcome more objections that each scenario can bring by understanding your dogs needs and emotions

  • Instantly grab their attention, by utilising the understanding of their needs and emotions 

  • Create a connection with your dog so they instantly and continually trust you and your leadership…

  • Explain your methodology in a way that makes it virtually impossible for your dog to say no to you…

Now you can.

This simple blueprint will show you how.

”Claire’s system for making my dog listen to me may seem radical to some, but it clearly works.

Everything that she teaches makes sense and simplifies the traditional (and overly-complicated) training system. And she has the results to prove it.

If you follow her system, you will make lots of progress” 
Claire Lawrence High Peak Dog Services
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