Coronavirus Update and change to the services

Personal message from Claire:


I hope you’re ok during this really tricky time, as a small business its difficult sorting through the science of the virus, listening to the officials and then making decisions surrounding what to do. But ultimately keeping everyone safe is my priority.

With regards to the services offered, Im suggesting a slight change from the offline to a more remote, online model.

This model allows you and your dog to start/continue training with me, without interruption or risk of physical contact with me during any programs.  

The changes have been designed with the safety precautions top of mind. 

For 1-2-1 training where I would normally come to you:
All consultations will now be held online only. This will include online meeting sessions with WhatsApp support added upon start of the training.

You will be sent training videos of what to do through your training and have full support and feedback 24/7 throughout. Each consult and next progress step will be done via video conference where we can map out and work on the next stages of the training.

Many of us operate for consultations in this way and most behaviour modification  training actually works better without the instructor being present. 

I will create instructional videos for you to follow and ask you to video specific aspects of your training for further feedback.

For class settings, this will undertake a similar approach. I will temporarily be moving these onto Facebook and we will be working inside the group via videos together. Class members will work through exercises daily,  and receive feedback on videos from me personally.

With the exception of puppies, I suggest that we change the curriculum and run things solely based on enrichment.

A sudden change of lifestyle and reduced mental and physical exercise can be detrimental to dogs behaviour. 

This has been changed and built specifically to help your dog remain happy and thrive during this very difficult period. 

For current clients in classes or 1-2-1’s please RSVP as soon as you can to let me know you are happy to move onto the virtual program. 

Or if you’d prefer to postpone and move your booking onto a later dated service, then I can move you onto that no problem. I will continue to follow the government advice on social distancing, until it is safe to return to classes and people’s homes for training.

The barking dog event for April has been postponed until September, and the first date of the tour remains, at present, for June 20th in Wrexham. 

I thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope together we can work through this whilst giving you and your dog everything you need to continue making progress. 


The Dog Charmer’ UK event speakers, podcast show host, three times winner at Crufts, Author of 3 Steps To Silence: Re-write the rules and retain your barking dog. ‘As Seen in Your Dog Magazine

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