It’s the time of the year where you’re eager and committed to making a change

For years, people have been conditioned to set and try to stick to their New Years resolutions

However, only 12% of people make it to the end…

I want you to you look back at the end of this year, and be amazed by everything that you’ve achieved

Whilst January has already begun, we still have plenty of  time to sort out and take your 2023 by storm!

You’ve got so much to learn to make this year, your best yet!

Often your plans will involve identifying your destination, but today I want you to commit to your journey.

Right now, you’re here, reading my words, because there’s a dream in your heart that is whispering away to you. 

Deep down in the core, you know that you have a calling.

A destiny placed over you. 

It’s the dream you have had placed inside of you for decades, and it’s whispering about the destiny that you have yet to achieve.

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You may be a hesitater or procrastinator, constantly thinking about what other global crisis may come our way, in the future.

But you must look beyond the immediate situation placed in front of you.

There is more for you to achieve in your lifetime and today is the day you need to plan for it.

You can choose to bring excuses for not achieving what you wanted too this year, or you can convince yourself it’s not the right time to be starting new goals, better to wait until the chocolates have gone… 

Also known as: Stepping away from your destiny.

Whichever you choose, your goals will bring to you what you bring to them— excuses or accomplishment.

So commit to achieve.

You have a calling.

There’s some level of success that’s yours.

That you’re supposed to achieve on this Earth.

It’s your success, no one else owns it, or can take it away from you.

But you will, if you keep getting ‘in your own way’ with excuses, lack of personal belief, and believing others when they question what you’re doing and tell you that you can’t or won’t achieve it… 

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My question to you is this;

”What are you doing right now to commit to your calling?”

I know you’re here and reading these words on this page, because you know deep down that you have something. 

You’ve battled so much in your life and you’re still here, trying, seeking and willing for the right guidance and information to come along that CAN change your life

Don’t deceive yourself with the myth that your destination is too hard to attain.

Because let’s be honest, it’s not the destination that you need to commit to, it’s the journey in getting there, where most people get lost. 

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There are times when you’ll want to throw in the towel because you feel that you’re failing to reach your dreams.

But you need a level of reality in your journey.

There will be times when you feel that you’re failing.

And while that’s completely normal, it is equally important that you recognise that emotion as merely fear.

We often use our emotions as an excuse for why we’re giving up, or holding back from our destination.

But they’re actually the reason why you need to press in

When you recognise your emotions are running away with you and bringing you down, that’s when you need to anchor yourself in.

Commit to where you’re heading, but focus on where you’re at, at this moment

Directly on what is in front of you, right now. 

Travelling your journey in isolation won’t work. You’ll find it is lonely, slow and frustrating.

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Unlock YOU is the very first program from Claire Lawrence and is for you if you know you’re:

– Serious about building your confidence (and your freedom around it) and

– You want to take a shortcut to improving yourself on a deeper and more meaningful level

This program is designed to give you a fresh approach to building your confidence through the lens of the only thing that can build it effectively …


In just 90 days, you can track your path to more freedom, cultivate and nurture a targeted, responsive level of self assuredness and develop more from life that you can go on to invest more into yourself and all of your wonderful gifts.

What You’ll Learn

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  • How to stop sacrificing what you want most, for what you need to do, each day, so that you can reach your goals faster

  • Prioritising your values and eliminate the procrastination and overwhelm that stacks up along the way, so that you can move forwards with confidence and clarity

  • Discover what is pulling you down on the climb to your goals,  so that you can be more aware of when and why it’s happening and learn to eliminate them as soon as they arrive

  • How to feel good about yourself, and develop a new system to strive and love yourself more , so that you can stop beating yourself up every time
  • Eliminate distractions and time tackle those tasks, so that you never have the ‘no time’ excuse ever again

  • Halfway Check Point! Revisiting those promises to yourself and checking in on your progress

  • It’s Time To Face Your Fears as we unravel the mysteries of making you fall in love with YOU again

  • Let’s enrol in Getting To Know Yourself, so that there are no lingering or self doubts, holding you back from your true vision and dreams

  • How Not To Be The Gofer. Learn how to set and stick to your boundaries and reveal how necessary and needed these really are in your life

  • Treat Time! You know how to reinforce good behaviour, so now it’s your turn! Come and see all of the goodies we have in store for you, on this class!

  • Learning a new language takes time, but it’s about time you silenced the language that isn’t doing you any favours

  • It shouldn’t be how to eliminate the competition, it should be how can you help them. Here, I want to show you a very powerful and beneficial way that is good for everybody involved and find people who can support you