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Grounding techniques allow us to step away from negative thoughts and focus on the present moment.

Such techniques can really help to decrease the intensity of feelings or trauma we might experience.

Focusing on observation of the immediate environment can help to get in touch with your current reality, outside of your mindset monsters.

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Lesson Twelve: How To Trust Yourself Again

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Lesson Eleven: Setting Boundaries

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Lesson Ten: Exercise & Rest

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Lesson Nine: Habits & Routines

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Lesson Eight: Belief Systems

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Replay: Click Here

Replay: Click Here

Lesson Five: Listening

Listening Replay: Click Here

Lesson Four: Stress & Toxic Behaviour

Stress & Toxic Behaviour Replay: Click Here

Lesson Three: Understanding Anxiety & Depression

Understanding Anxiety & Depression Replay: Click Here

Lesson Two: Levels Of Awareness

Levels Of Awareness Replay: Click here

Unconscious Dream Story: Click here

Lesson One: Current State

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Current State Replay: Click Here