Is Your Teenage Dog Driving You Up The Wall?

Tricky Teenagers High Peak Dog Services

Oh goodness… this stage of a dogs development can be enough to finish you off

Ignoring you, testing you at every turn, sending you grey and you find you’re losing your patience more and more with them each day

The Tricky Teenager phase can be a royal pain in the behind

If you’re tired of them not listening to you and want to nip these issues in the bud, then this could be the very thing that you need

Often when a Teenager starts acting up, owners aim to exercise them more

Which is great, but can lead them down a dangerous track

Tiring a teenager doesn’t need to involve physical exercise.

In fact, that can be a lot more damaging to their health and overall behaviour, because they’re having more time to practice the things you don’t want them too

Such as pulling on the lead or not listening to you when off it!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could really tire them out and teach them how to be better behaved on the lead, whilst saving you time?

If calmer and better behaviour is what you’re looking for, then this course will be right up your street

We are super excited to be delivering the Tricky Teenagers training course, taking place in Buxton for 2022 with Author, Expertly qualified and professional dog trainer Claire Lawrence

Tricky Teenagers High Peak Dog Services
Claire winning her third first at Crufts for Good Citizens

What will you learn on this course?

The course will run for approximately two hours where we will cover

  • Target Training

    Discover the fastest way to gain your dogs attention and develop the skill to be able to pass distractions more easily

  • How to walk nicely on the lead

    This can be viewed as a simple thing to teach a dog, but really there are many moving components the dog needs to learn. 

    Unless they’re taught these components individually, then they’re never going to get it nailed down properly. 

    We’ll be looking at teaching the side you want your dog to walk on.

    Pairing the word to the behaviour, so that they fully understand what it means

    And how to add in the movement, where they stay with you, and not dart off in front after a millisecond 

    Finally, we will end our session with our infamous:

  • Sniff to Settle

    By this point in the class, your dog should be starting to tire.

    This is our opportunity to develop more calmness behaviour from them, and introduce them to the other dogs.


    It’s societies way to get the introductions over quickly and at the first sight of a dog, but this leads to many many problems and expectations that the dog can meet everyone as soon as they see them. 

    Where-as that isn’t realistic and there will be a lot of dogs yours simply cannot meet. 

    That’s why, we’ll always put our meetings in, at the end.

    This way, we’ll encourage more calmness interactions and less problems!


This course will sell out fast, and limited spaces are available. To secure your space, please follow the booking link below

Tricky Teenagers High Peak Dog Services