Classes Temporarily on hold.

Online course models available

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all classes have been postponed and being taken online. 


There will be a specific video structure to follow and work through and should you wish to join is and learn how to better manage your dog through this time, then this scent work course will help you.


All classes will be delivered in video format via a private online training group.

Transform the chaos, into calm

It’s back!

The very popular and insanely effective teenage tearaways dog training course is open once again!

To help you turn those naughty behaviours back around into nice, calm and controlled ones through the world of scent work.

  • Does the cute and well behaved puppy you once had, seemed to have vanished?

  • Are they creating havoc and chaos everywhere you go?

  • Have they stopped listening to you and now really naughty?

  • Do they never seem to tire?

Did you know that they won’t just grow out of those naughty behaviours?

  • Biting on the lead
  • Running off to other dogs and people
  • Jumping up
  • Pulling on the lead

This naughtiness won’t go away if it’s left, it will only get worse.

The Teenage Tearaways Course, is a fresh new approach to transforming your naughty dog into the perfect pooch!

This is a 6 week training course specifically focused on scent work. Something all dog’s love to do is sniff, and in here I teach you how to utilise the training to promote more calm in them.

Dog’s see the world through their nose, plus additional sniffing creates mental exercise. It’s said that approximately 10-15 minutes worth of scent work is the equivalent of a long hours walk!

You will learn how to tire and challenge your dog effectively whilst teaching them some remarkable training skills, all whilst removing that never ending energy and chaos in them. 

Everyone is talking about this and last year the transformation success rate was high. We got the results and very quickly.

If you want a calmer, confident, happier dog who behaves and listens to you instead of sodding off to the other end of the dog park, or not doing anything you ask of them, then you’d be a fool to not learn about this.

A different and unique style of training that guarantee’s your dog will learn to stay calm, listen and be really tired after the training. 

This has been the hottest class in town, and it’s now back to transform your naughty dog.

This will deliver tremendous benefits, that won’t leave you disappointed. Plus the teachings are so easy that anyone can do and practice this training wherever you and your dog are.

Dogs must be 6 months plus to attend this course and be comfortable around other dogs and people. 

Please note if your dog is barks or has bitten other dogs or people in the past, then you will not be permitted to attend. In the instance of the above, then you should look at Barking Dog Borstal or 1-2-1 training sessions instead. 

If you’re not sure, then simply email me to ask and make sure:

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