Scent Savvy Society High Peak Dog Services

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Scent Savvy Society High Peak Dog Services

Scent Savvy Society

Basic/Standard Membership: £14.99 monthly

  • 7 Day Free Trial

  • Access to essential resources and beginner-level training modules

  • Community forum

  • Regular Group Call support

  • Scent Work Foundations

  • Lessons occur weekly as we progress toward intermediate levels

  • Your society price will remain unchanged for as long as you’re part of the savvy scent group.

By becoming a member of the Scent Savvy Society, you’ll embark on a carefully crafted journey. This program is tailored to guide you from being a novice in nose work all the way up to a systematic sniffing machine, adept for professional investigations.

Our collective journey into scent, starts this March, promising to reveal the myriad adventures awaiting each sniff.

Inside, you’ll find foundational exercises already prepared for your participation.

The interactive component of this course commences on March 4th

Scent Savvy Society High Peak Dog Services

Why Choose the Scent Savvy Society?


Tailored for Reactive Dogs:

Claire specialises in rehabilitating reactive dogs, so this curriculum is distinctively designed for dogs grappling with reactivity and restlessness. 

Her approach is finely calibrated, gentle, efficient, and firmly grounded in positive reinforcement.

The society is also suitable for any dog, reactive or not, and of any age.

Boosts Self-Confidence:

Scent work taps into primal instincts, fostering your dog’s self-assurance and cultivating an atmosphere of safety and calmness for them.

As your companion triumphs over scent-related challenges, a surge in overall self-confidence awaits.

Cognitively Stimulating:

Repetitive routines often exacerbate reactive tendencies due to canine boredom.

However, this scent savvy society offers a mental exercise feast, satisfying cognitive hunger and culminating in a more composed and joyful canine, of any age.

Strengthens Unbreakable Bonds:

This training journey solidifies a stronger connection between you and your dog.

You’ll overcome scent-related puzzles together, weave memories, reinforce the bond, and empower you to manage moments of excessive enthusiasm with more ease.

Joyfully Engaging:

Scent work translates into delightful pursuits, aligning with inherent canine preferences which means training becomes a happy intersection where both you and your cherished dog discover joy and rewards, together. Alongside that all important quiet factor too!

Universal Proficiencies:

The skills nurtured extend beyond the realm of scent alone.


Enhanced focus, heightened impulse control, relaxation techniques and more which all evolve into valuable assets during your daily walks and routines, too.

Once you witness the impact of scent work on your dog, you’ll never skip a sniffing session again!

Expert Support at the Ready:

As a certified and qualified dog trainer, I possess the expertise to effectively collaborate with you and your reactive dog on this journey.

My aim is offer tailored guidance and wholehearted support to enrich your journey and progress.

Training on Your Own Terms: Our curriculum respects your pace, and we provide regular support for round-the-clock assistance so that you never miss out on anything that will better your dog’s behaviour, again

Who Am I?

Scent Savvy Society High Peak Dog Services

I’m Claire Lawrence, currently sharing my life with five dogs.

Among them, I have four beloved companions: Skye (13), Digger (11), Lilly (10), and Hunter (9)

The fifth member of our family is a 2-year-old foster dog named Dot.

You’ll probably spot Dot in most of the videos as I work diligently to help her adjust to life, aiming to cultivate a calmer and more dependable behaviour in our dynamic environment.

In 2011, I established High Peak Dogs with the aim of aiding individuals in their dog training endeavours, regardless of their geographical location. 

I’ve written a couple of books and won some awards for my work and supporting reactive dog owners with troublesome behaviours. 

With that, I want to introduce my latest and most exciting offering to date,  the Scent Savvy Society!

I’m absolutely passionate about scent work because I’ve seen first hand what it can do, and I’ve poured that passion into designing a society that’s available for any dog, but is especially crafted to help owners dealing with reactivity issues.

Scent work has been a game-changer for me personally. Without it, I might have been sent to the nuthouse, felt overwhelmed or even given up on working with dogs and their challenging behaviours, altogether!

But thanks to scent work, dogs that were once highly reactive and troubled have found peace and calm in just a matter of days. And now, I’m thrilled to share all the insights and details with you today.

My previous courses, personalised sessions, and past training memberships have garnered immense satisfaction from thousands of members worldwide and I’m incredibly confident that you’ll find this one, just as rewarding.

I invite you to register today and experience a complimentary 7 day training trial

All members enjoy their initial 7 days free of charge, with the flexibility to opt-out on the 6th day, if unsatisfied.

Inside you’ll receive foundational training waiting for you to get started with and as we progress through the weeks, more and more demonstrations will be made available to you. 

The launch and joining price won’t change for you, as long as you’re a scent savvy society member

Scent Savvy Society High Peak Dog Services

Join us in revolutionising your dog’s response to different situations while expanding their search scenting abilities.

Tailored for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes, this society is your gateway to transforming behaviour, boosting confidence, and nurturing overall happiness.

Enrol now in the Scent Savvy Society for Reactive Dogs and embark on a journey where every sniff unveils a new adventure

Click below to start your adventure today!