An Easy & Proven Way to Gain More Reliability On Your Reactive Dog Walk

Course Starts on 24th October

Most reactive dog training is boring and all those free challenges you’ve entered, haven’t sustained long term results for you …

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Reactivity Reboot - Crash Course [Online] High Peak Dog Services

Hey! How’s it going? It’s Claire

I’m the founder of The Reactivity Reboot Crash Course, and I’m here to help you move out of the “hope mode” and into the ‘predictable mode’.

But first… let’s address the elephant in the room.

The dog training space is changing — and you’re probably feeling pretty damn exhausted searching Google and Social Media pages, to keep going around in circles, only to see your progress barely break even

Reactivity Reboot - Crash Course [Online] High Peak Dog Services

Stuck in a cycle of ”What advice is right?”

I hear you.

I reached my own “Screw This” moment with the millions of Google hits I was presented with and since then, I’ve been working hard to discover what really makes reactive dogs ‘tick’

With that, I’ve managed to develop my very own tried and truly tested model that converts procrastination into progress, time and time again…

…and it progresses your training together quickly and kindly too!

It’s called the Reactivity Reboot — and it’s been delivering some unimaginable RESULTS like CRAZY for my clients.

How To Calm A Reactive Dog In 3 Simple Steps


Buy into your life together: This four week online reactivity training event will change your handling skills and life together.

Registration is now open and we’re looking to get as many people signed up, and in better control of their reactive dogs, as possible. 

The more that sign up, the cheaper we can make this, so get on board to help yourself, but others too!


Help your training progress and stay accountable each day inside our private Facebook Group. This is your chance to showcase your skills and deeply serve yourself and your dog with a highly qualified doses of professional information.


Perfect your partnership. Watch your connection rate, skyrocket when you perfect your partnership together vs endless daily battles of hanging on for dear life or constantly apologising for their behaviour

Reactivity is simple, but not easy. 

My mission is to show you that the more things you do, that your dog LOVES, the less reactivity you will often have.

Please select the quantity and level that you’d like to complete, at checkout. 

Case Studies


How do I know if this is right for me?

I’ve designed this system for the reactive dog owner who know their dog has the potential to succeed and has a positive, open-minded mindset to keep trying.

No whining about it, more training it out!

In order to make this work, it’s a must that you can bounce back, after set backs 

This opportunity is also tailored for individuals who are exhausted from constantly seeking freebies and get frustrated by the endless online research that consumes their time and energy, hindering their growth.

The Reactivity Reboot offers you a pathway to embrace a more progressive approaches, enabling you to collaborate exclusively with your most exceptional self..

How long will it take?

The course will run for four weeks but holds over 12 weeks of content, inside!

You’ll get to keep this course for life too, so no worrying about missing anything.

Everything is recorded and can be caught up on in your own time. And I will be there regularly to keep you accountable.

It’s always recommended to work through each module properly and take your time to suit your dogs individual pace before hitting “go” on the next challenge.

Which is why, I’ll be releasing classes week by week …to keep you all from rushing 😉

When you grab the Reboot course, you can be safe in the knowledge that this information, when followed correctly, will serve you at the highest level

What other tools will I need to make this work?

Most of the tools you will need you’ll already have. Collar, Harness, Lead, Dog Food, Toys, etc, you’ll have it all.

In the instance of more personalised information, you may be recommended to go and purchase something, but I will always try and help you, with what you’ve got, first. 

Does this work for every dog?

I have worked with thousands of clients in a multitude of different dog breed from beagles to border collies, to doodles to springers.

As long as you have a reactive dog and are prepared to do the work that is required, this will work for you.

Do you recommend or use punishment in this?

When it comes to the word punishment, it’s often a heavily debated and controversial topic.

Your dog won’t be subjected to any heavy handed punishment or pain, during this course.

I try to avoid that end of the scale, but I don’t consider myself a fluffy, no force at all, kind of dog trainer.

Do you offer a guarantee?


Each of my programs have their own money back guarantees.

I don’t want unhappy people in my programs, so if you get inside and you’re not wholeheartedly happy with what you receive, just reach out to us at the provided email address, and we’ll refund you, no problem.

Please select the level that you’d like to complete, at checkout.
Reactivity Reboot - Crash Course [Online] High Peak Dog Services

An Easy & Proven Way to Gain More Reliability, On Your Reactive Dog Walk

Here's What You Get:

Foundations of Canine Reactivity Training: Level 1

Unlock Four Weeks of Reactive Dog Training with These Exclusive Benefits:

  • Weekly Live Q&A Sessions with Your Dog Trainer – Connect with Claire online and get answers to your burning questions.

  • Training Video Library – Gain access to a comprehensive library of training videos, empowering you to support your dog’s reactivity rehabilitation effectively.

  • Join Our Supportive Community – Engage with fellow dog owners in our dedicated Facebook Group. Share experiences, tips, and progress updates as you navigate the journey of reactivity training together.”

Progressive Canine Reactivity Training: Level 2

Elevate Your Training with Our Progressive Level, and Enjoy All of the Benefits Mentioned Above, Plus:

  • Training Toolkit Download: Access a comprehensive toolkit of additional resources to enhance your training experience.

  • WhatsApp Support: Connect with Claire directly via WhatsApp for real-time guidance and support.

  • Exclusive Behavioural Book by Claire: Receive Claire’s latest and unreleased behavioural book, packed with valuable insights to help you and your dog, even further.

  • Completion Badge: Celebrate your achievement with a special completion badge to showcase your progress.

Reactivity Mastery: Advanced Training

Seeking a more Personalised and Tailored Approach?

Explore The Reactivity Mastery, Advanced Level – Your Path to the Final Summit! 

In this exclusive tier, you’ll receive all the benefits mentioned in the previous two levels, along with:

  • A 1:1 Behavioural Online Assessment with Claire

  • A Personalised 1:1 Training Plan

  • Unlimited Video Critiques

  • Access to Private and Group WhatsApp Chats

  • Additional and Relevant Masterclasses to suit your journey

  • And a Physical Course Completion Certificate Sent Directly to You

Elevate your reactivity training with a truly personalised and comprehensive experience.

Reactivity Reboot - Crash Course [Online] High Peak Dog Services

As you embark on this journey towards a well-behaved and happier canine companion, remember that your success is our utmost priority.

With proven training methods, expert guidance, and unwavering support, you are equipped for a transformational experience.

Say goodbye to frustration and hello to harmony with your furry friend by taking the first step towards a brighter future together, today.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, start your training journey now.

Your dog’s potential is limitless, and with our guidance, you can unlock it.

Let’s write a new chapter of joy, understanding, and unity with your beloved pet.

Click the ‘Get Started’ button anywhere on this page and embark on this incredible adventure.

I can’t wait to celebrate your success and the remarkable bond you’ll build with your furry companion.

Your journey to a happier, more obedient, and loving dog begins here. 

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