Would You Like A Dog, That Does This?

Or This, Maybe?

Perhaps, you’d like this, around other dogs, instead? 

The list can be endless for what you’d like for your dogs’ recall, be that other dogs, people, squirrels or shadows

If you lack a reliable recall with your dog and if you’ve answered yes to any of the above, then you and your dog should definitely check out this workshop

This will give you the practical skills and the full process of how to teach a foundational recall

For the best practice and techniques behind recall, we recommend continuing the training consistently after the course, though throughout it, we aim to give you and your dog everything you need to master the command and see noticeable progress during your time with us. 

What Will You Learn?

Rapido Recall High Peak Dog Services

Week 1: Theory & Equipment

This week will be all about what equipment we recommend for rapid recalling, and more in to what we’re teaching and why. 

Here, you will receive your welcome pack and workbook 

For the first lesson, we’ll be discussing the easiest and fastest ways to gain your dogs attention and discussing more about each dogs recall issues. 

We’ll also be looking at the commands you’re currently using and focusing on the best practices to make sure they’re sharp and efficient for the next time that you need them

After each lesson, you will receive a training video via email, so you can practice the training you need in the class BEFORE you get there. 

Due to working around high distractions, we see more noticeable improvements in our students when they’ve had time to practice before arrival into the group

So, week one will be all about the theory and what commands you’re going to use, and how 

Rapido Recall High Peak Dog Services

Week 2. Timing.

Any command in the world is useless right at the beginning, without the right level of timing 

So, on this class, you’ll be learning more about when to call your dog, and when not to, to ensure you don’t get ignored.

The more successful your recall’s are, the better they will be when you really need them.

If you’re calling your dog multiple times, and you’re being ignored.

You’re training them how to ignore you. 

So, this week we will be looking at the best practices to avoid that, and how to ensure your dog starts flying back to you each and every time

Rapido Recall High Peak Dog Services

Week 3: Distance

Ok, so you can call your dog back when they’re a few feet in front of you or you give a little tug on the lead…

But what about when they’re further afield… or don’t have a lead con them?

What about when they see something and they’re already on their way to it? 

Do you still have control of them, then?

I’m gonna guess you said no, which is why in this lesson, we’ll be practicing our recalls from further afield!

This will ensure that whether your dog is ten feet in front of you, or 100, they’re gonna listen to and come flying back to you, each and every time.

You will need your dog in a suitable harness for this lesson. Ask for trainer recommendations. 

Rapido Recall High Peak Dog Services

Week 4: Graduation Test

This is your final week and graduation.

It’s the time where you get to show off your skills and integrate everything that you’ve learned, together

We’ll be bringing in a fairly BIG distraction for the dogs on this class, and we’ll be asking you to recall them off it.

Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, we want all owners to leave feeling confident in what they’ve learned and be able to continue to apply it moving forwards. 

The practice here, is focused upon NEW, so over the weeks your dog will adjust to being ‘at training’ so it’s important that you practice throughout the week in various areas, but it’s also why on this week, we introduce something else.

We like to keep the dogs on their toes… 😉 

Remember, that all you need to graduate is to show up consistently to each lesson

Everyone is a winner in our eyes

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