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ELITE High Peak Dog Services

Don’t wait for change. Create it!

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a place of indecision?

Unable to move forwards and take the next step in something that you know deep down, is important to you and your family to resolve

There are many things that contribute to this feeling. It can be apathy,  frustration,  laziness,  lack of real motivation or in many cases, even fear.

Whatever the reason is for you, the most important thing now, is how we get you out of that funk.

Which is why I want you to always remember this.

In life we have two choices at any one time. We can wait. Or we can create.

So often when people say “But the problem is that I don’t know what to do next.”

But really this is just a euphemism for “I’m scared to do the thing that deep down I KNOW I should do to move forwards because last time *insert your worry here*.”

Life isn’t easy, and you might have been trampled on before by other trainers, not quite getting you to where you wanted to be, or in a lot of cases making things worse for you, but it doesn’t always have to be as complex as we make it.

In many situations it can be as simple as that choice to either wait, or create. 

The key to getting results we want, progress we desire and even clarity on how to get there all comes from first, taking action.

You’ve already done that, because you’re here, reading this.

Then it’s time to move forwards and watch as things begin to unfold how you like them, in front of you.

The results of creating instead of waiting, are three fold. They go a little like this:

  1. We like and respect ourselves more for living a life that’s in line with our values
  2. We stimulate new ways of thinking and get new solutions to old problems
  3. We start to build momentum as our progress and successes compound, filling us with happiness and joy

And it doesn’t always mean we need to take huge, overwhelming action.

Just creating a tiny step forwards has the ability to cause a big emotional response.

Imagine when you see your dog in a photo like that, above. That will brings huge emotional tears of joy. That I can vouch for!

We don’t always have to have a crystal clear picture to get started.

On the slip side, so often the issue with waiting is, that when we wait until we have all the relevant information to start creating what we want in our life, this perfectionism, results in procrastination, stagnation and most importantly a waste of our precious time (which is our most scarce and valuable resource in life) and quite often the development of more entanglement within your dogs reactivity.

That’s why I’m committed to making my time count in 2022 (and beyond), and I’m inviting you to do the same, here now with this application.

The best part is, I’ll be your coach and mentor and we’ll make it happen, together.

So if you’re ready to . . .

👉 Stop waiting and start creating in your life right now

👉 Hit “RESET” on your current training and rebuild things right

👉 Stop just going through the motions of life and really focus in on your steps up to your mountain
👉 Reconnect with what’s most important to you and develop a connection unlike any other with your dog
👉 Create a new action plan to live the beautiful life you both deserve, starting NOW

All so that you never have to worry about your dog embarrassing you again or taking you down in one foul lead lunge towards another dog

. . . Then I’d love to invite you to join me for the one and only program of it’s kind, right here in Buxton Derbyshire with Author and Professional Dog Trainer, Claire Lawrence

This immersive Elite coaching experience is happening again and it’s not too late for you to join us!

ELITE High Peak Dog Services
By joining me on this journey,  you’ll be starting yourself on the path to making remarkable shifts in every area of your dog owning life!

My promise to you is that you’ll leave this process with the tools you need to take consistent action, build a remarkable relationship, create incredible, well trained behaviours, avoid overwhelm and procrastination, and tap into your core confidence once and for all in better managing your barking dog

If you’re ready to make a change in your life and join the 12- week Elite Program on either a weekly or fortnightly basis, and you can lock in your spot TODAY while we still have space available.

My team and I are preparing to make this an even better and more life changing program experience, than we’ve ever put on before.

I can’t stress enough that if you’ve been interested in joining Elite before, but haven’t yet made the decision to invest in yourself, then you need to book your place NOW while there’s still time.

This isn’t a training session, then see you later, you’ll hear from me regularly, I’ll be chasing you to train and do what you told me you wanted to achieve.

Our community is so good, I’ve still got members in here from since their dogs were puppies (4 years ago!) 

You don’t need to stay on if you don’t want too, but come and join us for 12 weeks of immersive, and intensive training. 

I can guarantee you by the end of it, you’ll have a dog you’ll be way more able to control and manage to make all of your lives much easier.

Do you want to stay where you are? Or do you want to create the life you deserve?

Make 2023 a year of lasting change. 

I’ll hope to see you there,

Your coach, 


What Is Elite?

This is a specialist 12 week, in person training program which has been intensively designed to transform your dog’s behaviour, and build your confidence in handling them again.

We want you to eliminate the fear and worries of their current behaviour, and we want you to walk with pride, and excel with confidence and your handling skills.

You didn’t get a dog to be embarrassed and stressed! You got a dog to enjoy your outings

Alongside your 12 weeks of training, either weekly or fortnightly, you receive access to our:

  • 1:1 Training Sessions, In Person direct with Claire, both individual and in paired or group settings when ready
  • 24/7 WhatsApp support group and direct access to Claire (beauty sleep aside)
  • Welcome Pack including everything you’ll need to survive your intensive training
  • Immediate Access to the Elite Program Masterclass, How To Training and Video Database
  • Elite Training Days to adjust your dog to working around other dogs. Here, we include the occasional day trip too. The beach is next!
  • Extra Monthly Training Challenges, delivered by Claire for you to learn more and see how it’s trained in action by Claire’s dogs
  • Access to all suitable Elite members to work on training outside of your training sessions.

This program will guarantee you better results that you’ve ever experienced before.

ELITE High Peak Dog Services

P.S. This is currently our only intensive program of 2023 and it’s guaranteed to bring you positive change

Don’t miss out on your chance to transform your entire year and beyond