Would You Trade £5.99 For A Look Inside Your Dog’s Brain? 

Let Me Show You The “Barking Dog Blueprint” That Helped Me Make My First Dog… And Then Many More Afterwards, Generate Loads Of Listening Skills In Less Than 3 Months

Barking Dog Blueprint High Peak Dog Services


This £4.99 digital blueprint is helping dog owners finally understand their dog behaviour so that they can make their walks more enjoyable

Hi, I’m Claire Lawrence

The Owner, Operator and all things dog training behind my business, High Peak Dogs.

I’m a professional dog trainer that helps people, just like you, to simplify the process of getting your dog to listen to you

On average, clients are making ten to twenty new walking locations, work for them

Why am I telling you this? 

Many of the people working with me and making their dog walks a dream are doing so by following our simple to follow, dog training framework that I call You’d Be Barking Mad Not To!

It first starts by understanding what your dog is trying to communicate through their behaviour and working with them to change their undesirable habits into better ones. 

Today, for just a fiver, I want to give you instant access to an exclusive document that walks you through the entire process of what means what 

As soon as you load it up on your computer, you’ll discover a simple to follow process anyone can follow to start better understanding their dogs language and different kinds of barks.

– No matter what type of breed you own

– No matter how old they are

– No matter how much or little experience you have with dogs

I know your BS meter is probably shooting through the roof right now…

And I can’t really blame you

I would never have believed such a simple strategy like this could actually help to make more progress, faster had I not experienced or seen the results with my own eyes

But witnessing people going from not understanding their dogs at all to them telling me what’s going on (and getting it right) in just a few weeks 

This simply cannot be ignored

For example

Karen and Steve struggled through lockdown with Basker’s behaviour

But then they discovered the ‘barking dog blueprint’ and in just a matter of weeks, they were re-connecting with Basker in a way that he could understand

Barking Dog Blueprint High Peak Dog Services


That’s Basker in the middle of three off lead dogs… and coping with it

Not too bad, right? 

And they’re far from the only people experiencing great results with this ‘Barking Dog Blueprint’

Our list of success stories goes on and on

But instead of telling you about the success others are having with it

I’d rather spend the next few minutes telling you how and why it works…

So, they you can decide if this strategy – capable of helping you quickly understand your dog and begin to break the language barrier between you – is suitable for you

If you conclude that it is, I’ll also show you how to easily claim your copy.

Sound good? 


Let me start by telling you how I stumbled upon this information and really got to grips with a dogs barking behaviour

''How I Discovered The Barking Dog Blueprint''

Back in 2009 

I had just finished one of those walks with my boy Titon

No more nervous disposition

No more walking on eggshells.

No more surprises to contend with. We were done. 

I closed the door behind me and sat down with a freshly made brew and throughout it, wondering what we’d come up against next? 

I had no strategy to resolving this reactivity and no good solid information to guide me

On top of that, the last dog we passed was close to a huge collision 

And we were in the thick of summer with tourists and off lead hounds all around.

So, there weren’t many good walks to be had. 

Which is how I wound up here… 

Barking Dog Blueprint High Peak Dog Services

Looks beautiful, right? 

But there had to be nobody or nothing else around for me to be able to enjoy our outings. 

These were the only places I could find – which I spent many years getting good at finding

And now I was making my walks enjoyable but no progress on my dogs behaviour…

But, I had no other options!

So, I had to put together an elaborate plan to get out of these isolated and lonely ways of walking. 

Now the pressure was on

I had to start finding a way to begin to properly understand my dog and why he was behaving the way he was.

Or we would be in a tough spot for longer to come.

The truth is, that even though I was spending most of my days covered in dust and isolation on our walks to soothe my own insecurities

I wasn’t completely happy knowing that at any point in that outing, things could very quickly take a dive

So, I kept searching for something better

Something I could practice and recreate my dream dog walk again

A couple of months later I landed what I thought was it

I received some incredible information which includes an excellent ‘makes sense’ style of learning and tons of other perks that kept me sane and hopeful

It was more progress than I’d ever made in such a long time

And now, instead of walking in the wilderness every day without a soul to be seen

I was walking with my dog, on a lead, with other dogs in the distance… and he was listening to me 

Barking Dog Blueprint High Peak Dog Services

Things didn’t always go as planned

After a few months of trying to get my dogs attention around distractions 

I didn’t make much progress



I knew I must be missing something

How on earth were all these other people making it look so easy

As far as I was aware, I was doing all the same things that they were

But my dog wasn’t listening where I needed him to listen

I was beyond frustrated

And I’m sure Titon wasn’t too thrilled either 

Especially since most of my free time was spent telling him what to do and I kept pushing him more and more to do what I wanted

…Without properly understanding what he wanted

To be honest, I didn’t think there was any way we’d be successful because the walks were just getting more stressful

But I kept seeing other peoples dogs doing what I was trying to achieve

Which made me think that I might be doing something wrong

Luckily, I ended up reaching out

And that’s where I met my first training mentor Ann 

She ended up inviting me to her dog kennels to watch her train 

From there, I worked alongside her at the kennels and we pretty much talked dogs and behaviour for most of our time (we still do)

Barking Dog Blueprint High Peak Dog Services

There was one conversation that completely changed my life

I started asking her about her way of working with her dogs

I asked question after question

And eventually she let slip that the reason she had such a great connection with her dogs was because they were always doing something that her dog deemed as enjoyable

I just about fell out of my chair when I realised…

Half of me was so angry at myself for putting Titon into  unenjoyable scenarios for so long

And the other half was ecstatic to know that there was still a chance I could reach that level someday

I asked her what the big difference between her dogs and mine was…

She looked at me, smiled and said

”You still have so much to learn, but my dog isn’t scared of the things that your dog is”

I didn’t quite understand it properly at first

But when I thought about it, I was judging all the dogs to be the same as mine was.

When she started to explain that each dog was different, had their own looking lenses and experiences

I started to realise that I’d been comparing my traumatised dog to that of stable ones.

I had never even heard of that term before either, I just thought the dog was barking because he was being silly or naughty

But once I had learned that he wasn’t stable and was struggling

I instantly knew that I needed to help him to recover and learn more about what he was saying and when, so that I could help him through the things that he found so scary. 

Barking Dog Blueprint High Peak Dog Services

You’ll soon see

This process really works

It completely changed my dog owning life

I was able to understand my dogs feelings more effectively

Spend more time with him in places that he loved to go too

And take trips to different spots all over the UK

At the end of the day, that’s what having a dog is all about isn’t it? 

Being able to enjoy your time together and help to make their life and time on this earth the very best that we can

Imagine being able to make such a huge impact to both of your lives

Where you can both enjoy your outings and live harmoniously alongside each other again.

I’ve put all of the details for starting to understand your dog more in the Barking Dog Blueprint

Lots of information for you that you need to know, in one simple document. 

It gives you a simple introduction to follow to allow you to stay one step ahead of your dog and see what they’re feeling 

This blueprint will help you to spot tensions rising – whether it’s emotionally or physically- in any breed or size of dog

After learning from this, you’ll never worry about reactions happening out of the blue or randomly every again

Making you more progress and saving you more time. 

I’ve already told you about Karen and Steve, and how they went from bonkers Basker to ‘he gets stopped all of the time and receives so many compliments on his great behaviour’

But take a quick look at the results other people have experience too…

Barking Dog Blueprint High Peak Dog Services
Barking Dog Blueprint High Peak Dog Services
Barking Dog Blueprint High Peak Dog Services
Barking Dog Blueprint High Peak Dog Services

I want you to be next 

That’s why I want to give you instant access to the Barking Dog Blueprint today…

But that's not all I want to send you...

I am also going to give you instant access to four bonus resources that will help you to attract more attention from your dog, so that you can turn more of those disaster dog walks into dream ones

Barking Dog Blueprint High Peak Dog Services

Inside this down able book, I walk you through each step of my barking dog blueprint, so that you can read exactly how to apply each one to your own dog’s behaviour.

You will also get to learn about different barks and what they might mean when your dog is using them.

The barking dog blueprint and your dogs barking go together like strawberries and cream

Ensuring that you identify the right kind of barking, so that you can then work towards resolving it.

And even though this book has a value of £9.99, its yours and included in today’s bundle for just £5.99

Oh but I’m not done yet, either… because here’s what else I’m going to give you 

Barking Dog Blueprint High Peak Dog Services

If you’re still struggling to identify which kind of barking that your dog is doing, then lets plug in and play together, to work out what’s going on.

You simply book in for a date and time to suit you, turn up and talk to me.

I’ll diagnose your dog in minutes. 

It’s important to note… these calls can’t be accessed anywhere else, for any price

But, it’s yours as a gift when you take advantage of this special offer, today.

Barking Dog Blueprint High Peak Dog Services

One of the most common questions I receive from people is ”Claire, what should I do when my dog reacts?”

That’s why I created the Barking Dog Video Bundle, so I can show you precisely what to do BEFORE your dog reacts, to make sure they aren’t practicing the unwanted behaviours.

Inside these video bonus’ I will show you how to easily tweak your dogs attention back onto you to overcome distracting obstacles

Alongside, how to work with toys to put your dog into play mode, instead of panic or be impatient

And I also want to show you something nobody ever thinks of doing when they’re on a walk, and it’s something that will train your dog to relax in the outside world more and more each time!

This limited time bonus is also yours, as soon as you sign up to receive the barking dog blueprint today

So, here's everything you'll get

Barking Dog Blueprint High Peak Dog Services
  • Barking Dog Blueprint (Value £9.99)
  • Assessment & Consult Call with Claire (Value £77)
  • Barkfest Video Bundle (Value £197)

That comes out to a total value of £283.99

But you get everything today for just £5.99

Why so affordable? 

The price is low enough to this a no-brainer for you. 

My hope is that you use everything you’re getting today to build your highest level of dog obedience to start generating better behaviour and more progress.

And- sometime in the future-choose to use my services elsewhere to build your dogs behaviour up again 

Of course, you don’t have to

But that’s my wish

And don’t worry

If you decide to get the Barking Dog Blueprint and find that you’re not 100% happy with it

Then I don’t want your money

That’s right… I will give you 30 days to try to use the blueprint and all the information within the bundle – at no risk to you

If for any reason you’re not satisfied, you can simply contact our customer service team and ask for a refund

We’ll give you back your entire £5.99

This is my way of saying thank you for giving the blueprint a try.

To get started, simply fill out the order form below

How long will I keep this offer online?

Frankly, I’m unsure about how long I will keep this offer open

At a one-time £5.99 price, obviously we won’t be raking in a fortune 

But it’s important to me that you have access to this blueprint and make it work for you…

That’s why I’m also giving you all the extra bonuses for free

I can’t think of anybody who won’t be able to get something out of this, even those who don’t have any experience training their reactive dogs yet

And at this price, I can’t imagine anybody who wouldn’t at least want to give it a try.

If you’re ready, all you need to do is fill in your details on the form below

As soon as you finish your order, we will give you instant access to everything I’ve promised you today. 

Remember, at £5.99, you’re getting it all for less than the price of a posh steak from Chatsworth or a trip to Cafe Nero’s, for insights you can’t get anywhere else 

A small price to pay in exchange for potentially transforming your life! 

I hope to see you on the inside

Claire Lawrence
High Peak Dogs 

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Barking Dog Blueprint High Peak Dog Services
Barking Dog Blueprint High Peak Dog Services
Barking Dog Blueprint High Peak Dog Services

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