12 Weeks Of YOU High Peak Dog Services

I’m super excited that you’ve decided to join us on the full twelve weeks of YOU

I can’t describe how powerful and awakening this is going to be, for you, so that you can develop and grow as a person, all geared towards creating a better, more truthful and authentic world

Below is a reminder of what you’re signing up for and then the link to go and get yourself a seat

12 Weeks Of YOU High Peak Dog Services

12 Weeks of LIVE Training with your coach, Claire Lawrence

This course will begin on September 28th, 2022 and will run consecutively for 12 weeks.

Each Wednesday, we will meet promptly at 7:30pm to discuss the learning material for your course

You will be sent further details about how to join the classes later.

Each week will progress on from the next, so we recommend attending live to get the most from your experience.

All of the classes will be recorded,  and will be made accessible for you within your study room. 

Here’s a reminder of what you will be learning:

  • How to stop sacrificing what you want most, for what you need to do, each day, so that you can reach your goals faster
  • Prioritising your values and eliminate the procrastination and overwhelm you always seem to stack up, along the way, so that you can move forwards with confidence and clarity
  • Discover what behaviours are pulling you down on the climb to your goals,  so that you can be more aware of when and why it’s happening and eliminate it as soon as it arrives
  • How to feel good about yourself, and develop a new system to strive and love yourself more , so that you can stop beating yourself up every time

  • Eliminate distractions and time tackle those tasks, so that you never have the ‘no time’ excuse ever again

  • Halfway Check Point! Revisiting those promises to yourself and checking in on your progress

  • It’s Time To Face Your Fears as we unravel the mysteries of making you fall in love with YOU again

  • Let’s enrol in Getting To Know Yourself, so that there are no lingering or self doubts, holding you back from your true vision and dreams

  • How Not To Be The Gofer. Learn how to set and stick to your boundaries and reveal how necessary and needed these really are in your life

  • Treat Time! You know how to reinforce good behaviour, so now it’s your turn! Come and see all of the goodies we have in store for you, on this class!

  • Learning a new language takes time, but it’s about time you silenced the language that isn’t doing you any favours

  • It shouldn’t be how to eliminate the competition, it should be how can you help them. Here, I want to show you a very powerful and beneficial way that is good for everybody involved and find people who can support you