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10 Step, Scent System High Peak Dog Services

Starts September 4th 2023

WARNING: I Only Have Limited Spaces For This

Scent Serenity: Unleashing Confidence in Reactive Dogs

Elevate Your Canine’s Confidence: The Scent Work Mastery Course for Reactive Dogs

Empower Your Canine Companion with our Scent Work, Training Program

Is your four-legged companion grappling with reactivity and inner turmoil?

Do you envision a tranquil and poised ally by your side, instead of the ticking time bomb at the end of the lead?

The Scent Work Mastery Course for Reactive Dogs stands as the definitive solution you’ve been questing for.

Immerse yourself in this transformative journey and observe your canine companion undergo a remarkable transformation into a symbol of tranquility and concentration.

Truly, this experience encapsulates the essence of quietude, serenity, and refined social abilities.

Engaging in scent work has the potential to revolutionise your dog’s entire existence, yielding unparalleled advantages from this endeavour.

Why Choose the Scent Work Mastery Course?

Tailored for Reactive Dogs:

This curriculum is distinctively designed for dogs grappling with reactivity and restlessness.

My approach is finely calibrated – gentle, efficient, and firmly grounded in positive reinforcement.

Boosts Self-Confidence:

Scent work taps into primal instincts, fostering your dog’s self-assurance and cultivating an atmosphere of safety.

As your companion triumphs over scent-related challenges, a surge in overall self-confidence awaits.

Cognitively Stimulating:

Repetitive routines often exacerbate reactive tendencies due to canine boredom.

However, this scent work course offers a mental feast, satisfying cognitive hunger and culminating in a more composed and joyful canine.

Strengthens Unbreakable Bonds:

This training journey solidifies a stronger connection between you and your dog.

Overcoming scent-related puzzles together, weaves memories, reinforcing the bond, and empowering you to manage moments of excessive enthusiasm.

Joyfully Engaging:

Scent work translates into delightful pursuits, aligning with inherent canine preferences.

Training becomes a happy intersection where both you and your cherished dog discover joy and rewards, together.

Universal Proficiencies:

The skills nurtured extend beyond the realm of scent alone.

Enhanced focus, heightened impulse control, relaxation techniques all evolve into valuable assets during your daily walks and routines, too.

Once you witness the impact of scent work on your dog, you’ll never skip a sniffing session again!

Expert Support at the Ready:

As a certified trainer, I possess the expertise to effectively collaborate with you and your reactive dog.

My aim is to guide you through and offer tailored guidance and wholehearted support to enrich your journey and progress.

Training on Your Own Terms: Our curriculum respects your pace, and we provide WhatsApp support for round-the-clock assistance so that you never miss out on anything that will better your dog’s behaviour

10 Step, Scent System High Peak Dog Services

Course Overview:

Module 1: Understanding Scent Work and Your Dog’s Behaviour.

Explore the science behind scent work and how it affects your dog’s reactions and behaviour. In this lesson, we’ll start building our searching commands.

Module 2: Building a Strong Foundation. Learn how to help your dog focus on a scent article, build stillness and set the stage for successful training.

Module 3: Discovering the World of Scents. Introduce your dog to the fascinating world of scents, igniting their sense of adventure and conditioning the scent that you’d like them to find

Module 4: Problem-Solving and Confidence Boosting.

Equip your dog with problem-solving skills and confidence, helping them become more poised and self-reliant in their searching. 

Module 5: Applying Scent Skills to Real Life

Learn how to use scent training to manage your dog’s reactivity in different situations and expand your searching areas.

Start a new chapter of possibilities for your reactive dog through the power of scent work.

This course is designed for all dog breeds, ages, and sizes.

Get ready to witness a transformation in behaviour, confidence, and overall happiness.

By investing in to your dog’s future, you can look forward to enjoying the benefits of this course, for years to come.

Enrol in the Scent Work Mastery Course for Reactive Dogs to embark on a journey towards a stronger bond, mutual growth, and lasting, quieter connection.

When you enrol today, you will also receive a free guide on understanding and better managing reactive behaviour!

Note: This is an online training program that runs from September 4th and will be live with Claire inside a private Facebook Group 

Always consult a veterinarian before beginning any training program, especially if your dog has known medical or behavioural issues.

10 Step, Scent System High Peak Dog Services