So, you've completed the basics...

Right, so let’s take a look at the next level. 

The two main things that teenage puppy owners tend to struggle with, are ….. 

Drum roll please….

Getting the dog to come back to them, when off the lead (recall) 

and walking nicely on a lead (Heel)

Sound about right? 

If it’s neither of those things, then drop us an email.

But if it is either of those things, then let’s get you sorted, because it’s not always that difficult to fix with the youngsters. 

Don’t be coming onto these classes without doing the basics first alright, because I’ll know people THINK they’ll be okay on a class like this.

But I’m not piss farting around teaching you what you should have done before the class, because then you’ll spend time catching up, and missing out on all the good stuff, and what these courses are designed for, okay…? 

Click the relevant button for more information on each course. And if you need both, there’s a deal on if you book the package option. 

Let’s go mush! 

Both pages are being created as you read. They’ll be live and ready for action before Friday. You eager beaver, you!  😉