So, you've completed the basics...

Tier Two: Teenagers High Peak Dog Services
Tier Two: Teenagers High Peak Dog Services

Right, so let’s take a look at the next level. 

The two main things that teenage puppy owners tend to struggle with, are ….. 

Drum roll please….

Getting the dog to come back to them, when off the lead (recall) 

and walking nicely on a lead (Heel)

Sound about right? 

If it’s neither of those things, then drop us an email.

But if it is either of those things, then let’s get you sorted, because it’s not always that difficult to fix with the youngsters. 

Don’t be coming onto these classes without doing the basics first alright, because I’ll know people THINK they’ll be okay on a class like this. 

Below, you can secure your 1:1 sessions, these are booked as a package of two.

Each session is personalised to you, and are 30 minutes each. 

Click the relevant button for which course you would like for your adolescence.

What you will learn: 


– Engagement 101, How to keep your puppies eyes on you, despite being around distractions & how to build reliability in the whistle

– How to come away from harder levelled distractions, even if they’ve spotted and are on their way over to them. 

Loose Lead Walking:

– Learn how to teach your dog to understand what Heel means, and how to actively put themselves into position, by your side

– Teach them how to walk nicely by your side on the move, even when faced with distractions.

Please note, these lessons are for puppies aged 6-14 months old. Any underlying behavioural issues may need further training. 

Limited spaces are available. Price includes both sessions.