Introducing the brand new and revised Peak Paw-formers ‘more than just dog walking’ Training Packages.

First things first, you won’t find another dog walking BLAH BLAH BLAH

Who actually cares?

You’re hear because you have a problem right?

Thought so, in which case I’ll cut the crap and just give you everything you need via link clicks and Application Forms.

Sooo, without further ado make sure you download your FREE Dog Walking and Training Tip Sheet now, courtesy of moi.

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But and I have to say it…

If you’re a sensitive sausage or get easily offended, then best not to bother.

‘Right, shurrup and tell me about the Peak Paw-formers Claire’


Sure thing, everything you need to know, is down below.

Here, just click this: Peak Paw-formers Packages 2019

So, you’ve read it and now you wanna sign up? Great!

But unfortunate for you, we are now full.

You can still fill in the Application Form and be added to the waiting list if any spaces do become available

Click here for the 2019 Client Application Form and then all you have to do is email it back to me, stating all of the relevant details and then I’ll sort things from there.

Oh one last thing, I have rules in my business and you can read all about them by clicking on one more link…

Terms and Conditions Blah Blah Blah

I get it… but seriously, you need read them though because I don’t break my own rules and I expect certain things from my clients and they should know what to expect from me also.

So grab a brew, sit down and do your homework.

2019 Terms and Conditions

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