Reactivity Masterclasses, For You

ELEVATE: Reactivity Reboot High Peak Dog Services

Every Tuesday, 6pm

These webinar’s are intended to provide advice, interventions, and skills for individuals working with barking, reactive or overexcited dogs.

The information within will be used to help the behaviour and emotional state of reactive and over-aroused dogs by allowing them to adjust to their environment, reconnect with their handlers, and become more emotionally comfortable in the presence of specific triggers.

The method’s can be used regardless of food interest and does not require elaborate set-ups.

The information presented in these webinars will build upon each other week by week, with another of our essentials webinar, “The Elite Method: Getting Through This

We will assume little to no knowledge on the topics within all of our classes, however as we move forwards within the program, we will assume prerequisite knowledge of the material delivered before hand.

To help individuals who are not familiar with online classes or webinars, there is a demonstration video upon registration on how it all works.

Each webinar will be available to purchase afterwards for your collection and learning if you’d like to. All purchases will include an additional, more in depth bonus video providing further learning on the topic of the class, just delivered.

These webinar’s assume pet owners have no previous training knowledge, but can understand the information given and have a basic knowledge of dogs, and are willing to learn more intensively about reactivity and over-aroused behaviour outside of industry standards or normal thought processes surrounding barking. 

ELEVATE: Reactivity Reboot High Peak Dog Services
Masterclasses are held every Tuesday at 6pm taking you on a journey to rectify your reactivity. 

The classes will be held via Zoom where you will need to pre register to attend.

From a laptop you can click and enter the meeting room. For phone, you will need to download the app.

The webinars will be delivered LIVE each week for no cost upon attendance. 

You will be offered a chance to purchase the replay of each class for your training collection immediately after the class has been delivered. This will be offered at the lowest rate available for the class and will be available for 24 hours only.

The price for each class will vary depending on content being delivered. 

You do not have to purchase the replays. 

Please do not ask for replays unless you are prepared to purchase them. 

All training is delivered by Author and professional training instructor, Claire Lawrence

Timetable for Classes 2022

What will you learn?

Essentials are the very basic entry levels you ideally need to know when working with barking dogs.

Due to the nature of the behavioural topic, it’s too easy for behaviour to escalate or worse become suppressed with incorrect information

Therefore, for this series we will be working through the essential things, a reactive dog owner should know in order to help their dog become more adjusted to day to day life. 

Please note as all dogs are individuals, the information provided within these classes involve you do your own research and homework for YOUR individual dog. 

  • May 3rd: Getting Through This

    This road is tough, and reactions happening can tip the scales to you wanting to give up, or even get rid of your reactive dog. This class has been designed to support you with those moments where your head is in your hands
  • May 10th: Handler Confidence

    Did you know that your dog can smell your emotions? That means as much as working on your dogs behaviour, you must also be committed to working on yours. This class will share more about tapping into your core confidence and over riding those human habits, you will be doing that you’re unaware of
  • May 17th: Corrections & Consequences

    These have a place within your dogs training. The problem being is, most people are using them in completely the wrong way which then goes on to ruin all of your hard work. This class is committed to teaching you how to correctly apply a correction or consequence to a behaviour, if it’s needed. 

ELEVATE: Reactivity Reboot High Peak Dog Services