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This week’s Masterclasses will cover the highly debated and disputed topic of corrections and consequences

Should you, or should you not punish your dog?

What is punishment and how much should you use?

Should they really know by now, or are you missing a piece of the puzzle?

This is the final class in the series and we’ve really knuckled down into the depths of reactivity, but this part of the process is something you do not want to mess up

Be the leader we know you can be, and start the journey into continually improving your dogs behaviour, instead of making dints in and ruining it

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The Full Recording of this weeks Masterclass:
”Corrections & Consequences: Should You Punish Your Dog?”

An in depth and detailed bonus video all about lead corrections and applying corrections effectively. 

Finally,  the highly in demand ‘How To Train It’ video,  this week we teach your dog how to reliably leave something when asked, so you can incorporate it into your reactivity work with a fluid and simple execution of leave

You are going to have an insanely strong and very reliable way of providing consequences for your dog, that aren’t going to ruin your relationship or cause you any backlash later on. 

I’m excited for you!

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  • Content is yours for life
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