Ruffwear Harness!

Excellent for not putting extra strain on your dogs front shoulder blades and secure enough so dogs can’t slip out of them.

Just click on the picture and you can grab one right away.

Grab a lead to match too!

You are what you eat and so is your dog. Make sure they have the good quality food. This is the meat I feed my own dogs. It’s good and nutritious. The dogs absolutely L.O.V.E it!

When I say treats to people, they automatically think I have to buy special dog treats. Nah! Do you heck.

Just a different brand or flavour of food will do to start with. Plus the smaller the ‘treats’ the better they will work. Grab yourself a bag of puppy complete food here and I promise your puppy won’t know any different.

The crate is GREAT! It isn’t prison or jail, providing you don’t use it that way. The crate is an excellent addition to your home. It provides a safe space for your puppy/dog and everything in there should be positive and fun.

So the biscuits you’ve just bought above, you could grab a small handful of those and scatter them in the crate when you want your dog to go to bed, couldn’t you?

It’s also wise to get dogs used to and enjoy being in a crate. You want to be prepared because at some point they’ll likely have to go in one. Operation at the vets? Dog walker have crates in their van? You just never know.

And something useful to have both inside of the crate for your dog to rest on is vet bedding.

But I also love this stuff, because I can easily shove it in my rucksack and when I sit down on a walk for a break, me and my dogs can chill for a bit and I teach them other stuff with this bedding too. Like how to chill out, when I do.

Gotta have somewhere to hold all of those biscuits right? Instead of feeding your dog in the boring bowl, why not pop the food into this treat pouch and train with it instead?