Elevate Your Dog Walk. Your Confidence. Your Life

The Reactivity Reboot 2022 High Peak Dog Services
Warning: This programme involves extreme levels of accountability each week, and is for action takers only. 

Masterclasses are free to attend, however replays and bonus training videos will be offered afterwards to further your learning & progress. There is no obligation to buy

It’s time to unlock your inner potential, smash through your mental barriers and regain control of your dog walking life, again

Reboot 22 is for you, if you fall into ANY of the following categories:
  • If you’re someone who desires a life of personal fulfilment & freedom with your reactive dog, and wants to overcome the suffering of compulsive procrastination 

  • Elevate is your shortcut to success, if you’re unable to focus or get anything productive done on the dog walk, despite trying your best to reduce your dogs reactivity in quieter areas

  • Perfect for the Ambitious Dog Owners who have it in their hearts, to make a difference to their own, but also their dogs responses and life, for whom they truly care about. 

  • Work to avoid the daily arguing and bickering with your dog,  and transform the feelings of constant tension the moment you come up against something, into spacious opportunities and alleviation of stress together 

  • Work with our dedicated team to establish a walking life you LOVE together. Instead of being addicted to the ‘dopamine floods’ of watching other people with their dogs, and telling yourself you’re not good enough. You ABSOLUTELY are, and you CAN DO THIS. 

  • Become clear on the core principles of your training plan, instead of being unable to see it all through. If you’re seeing little to no progress or you’re unsure when to reward or when’s best to move. Then this will outline the exact system’s you need, and when to obtaining, and then maintain your dogs attention 

  • Wondering in your day’s and listening to others people’s drama, if you’re sick of hearing unqualified, people trying to tell you what you should do with your dog, and you’re tired of the conflicting and misleading advice, 

    Your dog, just like you, is 100% Unique.

    Which is why we strive to show you and go above and beyond, to be helpful and supportive in your learning of what YOUR dog needs

    Not what they think, using unhelpful comments such as;

    ”You shouldn’t walk here’‘ or ”You need to socialise them”  ‘Blah, Blah,”

    And finally, 

  • If you’re quietly fighting your battles and demons, and have realised that you could, inadvertently, be making thing worse, then we will help you to overcome you’re fears and worries and alleviate the embarrassment, with zero judgements, to help you to get the help you need 
The Reactivity Reboot 2022 High Peak Dog Services
Alfie (left) used to be scared of dogs. Now working off-lead with others

Whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever you’re currently experiencing, you need to know this: 

Your dog walking life right now, is just a result of how you’ve handled things so far.
It doesn’t define you and it’s not the end.
It’s possible to completely turn things around and start feeling confident and amazing, inside and out, when you’re handling your dog.
But it requires you to take serious action and be open to doing things differently.
It’s time to eradicate this pain, you didn’t get a dog for any of this

It’s time to start living a life you can both love again, and all in just 90 days.

Here's What You Get...

The Reactivity Reboot 2022 High Peak Dog Services

Immediate access to our training Masterclasses.

Upon sign up, you’ll receive the first five training classes, once a day, via email

Then you’ll receive them once a week afterwards

These webinar’s are all intended to provide advice, interventions, and skills for individuals working with barking, reactive or overexcited dogs.

The information within will be used to help the behaviour and emotional state of reactive and over-aroused dogs, by allowing them to adjust to their environment, reconnect with their handlers, and become more emotionally comfortable in the presence of specific triggers.

The method’s within these classes can be used, regardless of food interest and does not require elaborate set-ups.

The information presented in these webinars will build upon each other, week by week, with the first in our three part series and essentials webinar’s of;

The Elite Method”

– Working Out Why
– Deliberate Your Data &
– Reactivity is *this* until proven otherwise.
– You Are What You Eat
– Breed & Genetics, They Matter

We will assume little to no knowledge on the topics within all of our classes, however as we move forwards within the program, we will assume prerequisite knowledge of the material delivered before hand.

Each webinar and bonus training videos will be available to purchase afterwards for your collection and further learning. 

The option to pre-order and purchase the up-coming months training will also be offered, at a reduced rate.

All purchases will include an additional, more in depth, bonus video providing further learning on the topic of the class, we’ve just delivered and how to train your reactive dog ”The Elite Way”

These webinar’s assume pet owners have no previous training knowledge, but can understand the information given, and have a basic knowledge of dogs, and are willing to learn more intensively about reactivity and over-aroused behaviour outside of industry standards or normal thought processes surrounding it.

All training is delivered by Author and Professional Dog Trainer, Claire Lawrence, of High Peak Dogs

The Reactivity Reboot 2022 High Peak Dog Services
The Reactivity Reboot 2022 High Peak Dog Services
The Reactivity Reboot 2022 High Peak Dog Services

Still Scrolling? Let's Get Real For A Sec...

Most people already know what they should be doing, but they’re just not doing it.

A lot of people are looking at this page right now, but they won’t take action.
They read this and think things like “Oh this looks pretty simple, I could just do this myself…”
The thing is though, they won’t.

It’s just a story they keep telling themselves, time and time again.
They don’t have a strategy or accountability plan to follow, instead they’re just getting through each day as it comes and forgetting about the problem, until the reactivity rears it’s ugly head again…

They don’t have access to world-class resources and support, instead they’re trawling around the internet looking for freebies or soundbites…
They haven’t got enough focus to see things through, because they haven’t fully committed to anything…
They haven’t got any serious form of accountability, from someone who can say to them: “Have you done this yet?”

…and “Why not?” when they haven’t…
And they’re not surrounding themselves with better people who have high standards of responsibility and will pull them up, rather than push them down…
And you know what? That’s completely fine.
It’s their choice at the end of the day, you can’t ever force someone to do something they don’t really want to do.
The fact of the matter is, if you really want to resolve this, you’ll have already signed up, because it’s a bloody great programme, and only those who don’t sign up for it, will seriously miss out.

This was originally built for my Elite members as a resource area for them within our in person training.

However, so many of my online followers were screaming out for more assistance, that it would have been cruel of me to not give them a part of that training. 

And so that’s what I did, I ran it, it got incredible feedback from my online learners, and it’s aided my Elite members for their study area, so everything is already good in my world surrounding this.

Now is the time to decide whether or not, you’re going to take the same available opportunity for yourself and yours.
The Reactivity Reboot 2022 High Peak Dog Services

There is no substitute for hard work

This thing works because of the high level of consistency and accountability attached to it for you. 

There is no magic bullet, or ”secret pill’ that will solve this problem for you, despite what the endless marketing hacks tell you. 

It all begins – and ends – with you.