Classes are so outdated

I know, it sounds almost blasphemous, right? 

Especially considering the work I do in reactivity. You’d think I’d be pushing people to socialise their puppies.

But hear me out.

People tend to think that if they just take the puppy to the classes to socialise them, they’ll automatically be more sociable, but there’s much more to it than that.

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Traditional wisdom dictates that the more dogs you socialise your puppy with, the more sociable they’ll be.

But what many owners overlook is the importance of making themselves more engaging, first.

Think about it, your puppy has masses of fun bouncing around with other puppies, charging round the hall or field and having an absolute ball of a time.

But isn’t listening to you one bit.

That puppy is going to grow up, and what might look cute at 10 weeks old, will inevitably turn into a disaster, come ten months old.

You can have all the socialisation classes in the world, but if you aren’t attention grabbing or engaging enough, your puppy is going to learn to ignore you. 

They won’t come when you call them. 

It’ll promote pulling on the lead. 

All of that hard work you put into your training when it’s just you and them, will be wasted effort

That’s why it’s so important to think about how you present your puppy to other dogs and people.

Your puppy needs to develop social skills,  but get that part wrong, and you’ll most likely be seeing me later for more serious behavioural problems.

Which I don’t actually want for you. 

I want you to stop and rethink your strategy.

I want you to capture your puppies attention and build a successful, sociable dog which isn’t as difficult as it may initially sound. 

FREE Puppy Training High Peak Dog Services

When starting puppy training, I find it helpful to ask myself,

“What would make me stop whatever I’m doing and want to engage with this human?”

If you can’t find a way to make yourself interesting enough that would make YOU pay attention to it, then you can’t expect anyone else to pay attention to it, and that includes your puppy.

All too often I see 95% of puppy (and adult dog) owners rushing the training process, wanting to get to the impeccably behaved, well trained dog before they’re even potty trained. 

This is a journey. Not a destination.

If you’re boring and generic in the first year of your puppies life, you are more or less asking for behavioural problems.

You quite literally need to stand out from the crowd. Especially with what you’ve got to come. 

Puppies, just like growing children go through development stages.

They’re going to enter the Teenage phase. They’re going to test you and ignore you, it’s a normal, all be it frustrating part of the puppy process. 

I wouldn’t feel compelled to listen to someone who constantly corrected me or told me what to do all of the time.

Quite the opposite actually. I’d ignore them more, even if they were trying their very best to bribe me in. I learned early on, they weren’t much fun to be around… 

Instead, it’s much better for you as a puppy owner to solidify your fun GIVING foundations.

There’s comparatively very few puppy classes who do this, and so to ensure you have the maximum success with your puppies training.

I’m giving it all away for free! 

All I ask is that you work through the video modules, week by week. 


If you’re still unsure about how to implement the training after that, then we can talk and sort out a session for you.

Let’s get you and your puppy training, today!

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FREE Puppy Training High Peak Dog Services