The Pre-School Puppy Program

Puppy Training High Peak Dog Services

Discover the secrets to successful puppy training and avoid the common mistakes most new puppy owners make in the first week, which ruins the puppies behaviour!

Online Puppy Training: Helping you to get things right from the start

What You Will Learn:

Class 1:

  • Using Food Effectively
  • What’s My Name?
  • Toilet Training

Class 2:

  • OUCH! Prevent puppy Biting
  • The Crate Is Great! 
  • How To Play Together & Stay Together

Class 3:

  • Calm Cuddles Only Please
  • Correct Socialisation Done Right
  • Vet & Groomer Trips

Class 4:

  • How To Get Your Puppy To Listen To You Outside, Instead Of Wanting Everything And Everyone Else!
  • Teaching Sit and Down
  • Predatory Rewards Are Priceless!

Please note: You can book this course now and get started as soon as tomorrow.

It’s an online program that takes place as soon as you hit the download button. Attendance and entry dates/times are flexible. Unlike the booking system is stating.