Teenage puppies aren’t always the easiest to deal with. They test, bring troubles and it feels like they’re making your life a living misery. 

But, that isn’t really the case. 

They’re simply going through some things hormonally, developmentally and growing up!

Do you remember when you were a Teenager? Or perhaps you more recently remember the teenage troubles with your own kids?

Your dog isn’t any different. Well, apart from the physical look of them. 

They’re finding their place in the world, and become more curious to the possibilities presented to them. Just like kids. 

So, when it comes to the Teenage Dog, it’s not the time to be thinking they’re going to grow out of this ‘naughtiness’ and learn to behave on their own.

Probably the key difference between human childs and dog … erm childs is that the dog won’t grow out of this, if you leave it to develop. 

It will invariable get worse, IF you don’t teach them what it is you want them to do instead. 

If you haven’t done any professional training with your dog right now, then let’s start at the beginning. 

Let’s teach them to listen to you and build a relationship so strong, they won’t want to be with anyone or anything else. 

Please note this course must be completed to solidify your basics training before taking either of the Tier Two levels. 

If you haven’t trained with us before, then you will be at an automatic disadvantage if you skip this and you won’t get the same results. 

What You Will Learn

You will get three online lessons, covering the basics, plus one in person class, around other dogs, direct with Claire. 

The lessons are held in Buxton, Derbyshire and class sizes are limited to four per class. Class days will be held on a Saturday or Sunday, and times will be confirmed approximately one week before. Generally speaking, they are held around 2/3pm so you can pop them in your diaries. 

Lesson One: Let’s get them listening to you! Training is zero percent effective without listening skills, so let’s get this nailed down first

Lesson Two: Guiding and keeping your dog with you, so that you’re not being dragged down the street

Lesson Three: Watch Claire work with her dogs so you can swipe and deploy to use with your own dog. 

BONUS Class! Will you always have to use treats to get them to behave?

Lesson Four (in person)

Putting all of your skills to the test! In person practice, direct with Claire to iron out any issues you may have encountered, and a chance to get your dog listening to you around higher level distractions

Online content is yours for life once you’ve purchased, so you can look back on the lessons whenever you need them!

We recommend once you’ve completed and mastered the basics in this course, to move onto Teenagers Tier Two so we can master reliability from your dog’s behaviour so that you never have to worry about them on or off lead, ever again.

Tier 1: Teenagers High Peak Dog Services

Sept 25th

November 6th

December 5th Charity Walk

Tier 1: Teenagers High Peak Dog Services