The Members Zone

I remember speaking to multiple people over the years, and all of them being utterly disappointed in having to wait for a space on my ‘Done For You’ training service to open up.

This is where I go to your house, train your dog for you and hey presto! Problems solved. 

But the demand for this service, as great as it was, meant there were only so many hours in the day to be able to accommodate people. 

Have you ever been watching your dog doing something naughty, and been like ‘Right, that’s it! I’m calling the dog police!’ 

Then you call the dog trainer and realise they’ve got a six to eight week waiting list. Bummer. That means more time for that naughty behaviour to grow and more stress and frustration at your dog until they can fit you in for an appointment.

It sucks doesn’t it. 

A lot of people who I speak to want it there and then, clickety click. And I can’t blame them, the society we live in these days means just that. You want it, you search it, you get it.

Well, check this out. 

I’m now building a waiting list (ironic I know) for my new membership site. Where in here, I will be sharing ALL of my Peak Paw-formers training content for you to click on and work through. 

No need for shuffling schedules to accommodate the trainers diary. 

No need to umm and arrr over whether too or not. 

Today, you have the chance to just sign up to receive more details about this and as a bonus, I’ll send you my FREE Halti training video so you can get started on getting better control of your dog. TODAY!

Although this isn’t up and running yet, I wanted to start sharing my plans and come 2020 The Peak Paw-formers will be up and running, ready to open it’s doors to all the naughty dogs and turning them into calm, contented canine companions. 

If you’re keen to learn more about this, then sign up, get started with the training video and await further information via email. 

There’s no catch too, because if you find that when you read more about it, you don’t fancy it or it isn’t going to suit your needs, then you can simply opt out at any given moment. 

That tennis ball is in your court. 

You’ll soon see that with what I have coming in terms of training, that it’s going to help with a lot of common problem behaviours though, so hopefully you’ll stick around to hear it all.

I wouldn’t want you to miss out just because you didn’t need X but then in the next email the problem you need help with was on offer too!

See you on the inside amigo
Claire x