Discover the first steps to your best loose lead walking life, of the year!

Learning To Lure High Peak Dog Services
This will not just motivate you, it’ll give you the specific strategies and tactics you need to solidify your loose lead walking, this upcoming year.

What you’ll get:

  • How to consistently earn your dog’s attention, even if you’ve never made it happen before
  • Hack the attention tactics Claire herself has used for over 11 years of dog training, to consistently produce and grow her training results 
  • The top things NOT to do to avoid dependency on rewards and the things you MUST pay attention to so that your dog will co-operate with you more and enable you to start passing those distractions
  • The secret about lead training, that nobody EVER talks about…and how you can perfect it
  • The main investment you need to make this year so that you can LEAD your walks with more confidence and flair
  • Tips and tricks you’ll find NOWHERE else, that is drastically going to solidify your foundations training and gain you more grading points towards your overall achievements board
Learning To Lure High Peak Dog Services

Reach your dreams and ambitions of having a dog who behaves themselves outside, instead of embarrassing you each and every time they drag you along behind them

*This is selling FAST*

Learning To Lure High Peak Dog Services

Your Course Content

Learning To Lure High Peak Dog Services

Learn To Lure: The Masterclass; detailing everything you need to know about the method, why it’s effective and how it’s going to benefit you during your training

Learning To Lure High Peak Dog Services

Drop the food fast!: Avoid your dog becoming dependent on, and only doing the behaviour when you have food or ‘bribery’ tactics around.

That’s not proper training! 

Learning To Lure High Peak Dog Services

Learn to love lead walking: What use is this, if you dog doesn’t understand where they should be?

It’s ok saying ‘they should know’ but the fact is, if they aren’t doing it, then they don’t

Eliminate any confusion of misunderstandings in your dog and get your heel position on command

About Your Instructor

Learning To Lure High Peak Dog Services

Claire Lawrence (34) is an approved and qualified professional dog trainer and Author from her best selling book

‘3 Steps To Silence: Re-write the rules and retrain your fearful barking dog

Claire teaches you how to gain a deeper, dedicated, and diverse understanding of why your barking dog behaves like they do and she is committed to helping dog owners learn to manage their dogs using more ethical methods and ways. 

From scratch, you could create a personal, unique, and more valuable connection with your dog, that will prevent the barking from escalating any further and in most cases, resolve the problem all together

The Reactivity Reboot originally began as a resource for Claire’s Elite and in person training members

However, when Claire’s online community heard about it, they begged and pleaded for her to include them. 

The Reboot has became the ultimate guide for hundreds of people to properly resolving their reactivity.

Claire is committed to building long lasting, desirable behaviours in recovering reactive dogs all over the world, and showing people there is a much better way to train.

It’s time to unlock more freedom and peace to all of the reactive dog owners that think they are alone

It’s time to stop letting your confidence disappear, and start being the leader your dog wants you to be.

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