Reform Your Young Offender

Is your dogs daily barking leaving you frustrated and annoyed?

Are people/ postman passing creating chaos and havoc in your household?

Are your walks going smoothly until you see those deadly distractions and your dogs silence is doomed?

In the second half of the 19th century, there were major developments on how young offenders were dealt with. For those up to the age of sixteen, the new reformatory system provided an alternative to prison, with Industrial Schools performing a similar role for those viewed as in danger of becoming criminals or whose wayward behaviour needed a corrective environment. 

The young inmates were kept apart from the adult prisoners and given a routine which included physical exercise, school lessons, work training and follow-up supervision after their discharge. 

Borstal sentences were for between two and three years, with release on licence being possible for those considered to have made sufficient progress.

Some existing prisons implemented a ‘modified borstal‘ system, providing treatment for those serving shorter sentences

If you’re tired and sick to the back teeth of your dog barking and running a muck on a daily basis.

Or perhaps you keep trying to fix the problem but not getting anywhere, then I can guarantee you are wasting valuable time, energy and resources this way. And time is the only asset you can never get back.

Let me take you on a journey into solving your barking dog’s problem by undertaking the only training course in the UK of it’s kind and turn all of that chaos around into a structured step by step dog training program that will elevate you to the top and banish those unruly, naughty bad barking behaviours for good. 

On this 6 week training course you and your dog will embark on Borstal style reformed training, that will help you to better manage them and learn exactly how to prevent this daily frustration you’re currently experiencing. 

Please note this course is 110% reward based and no smacked bottoms will occur during the training. 

Take your dog training skills to the next level and turn around those problems into perfections.

Limited spaces are available and dog’s will initially be worked on an individual basis. Progressing them to working in the hall with other dog and people. 

Please note, your dog must NOT enter the hall unless you are told to do so and must be able to settle in the car in between sessions.