Is your dogs daily barking leaving you frustrated and annoyed?

Are people/ postman passing creating chaos and havoc in your household?

Are your walks going smoothly until you see those deadly distractions and your dogs silence is doomed?

I’ll keep this simple because let’s face it, lifespan’s confusing enough, and you’re here because you’ve got a problem with your dog. 

We can either work together, with your dogs training where you come to me and I show you what to do (Covid-19 safety and rules apply to all services) 

Or you bring your dog to me, and I do the training work for you. (If you live in Buxton, then arrangements can be made for me to come to you) 

I’m not going to sit here and tell you I’m competitively priced, because I’m not. I’m expensive, but I’m the best. Which means I get you those results to having a better controlled, calmer and quieter dog. 

So, what will it be, my friend?

Click below for your preferred option
Decide which package you would like. 

*** Barking dog training is 12 weeks minimum, to achieve and sustain the results but different packages available*** 

Then (IMPORTANT) you read and sign the terms and conditions, alongside filling in and returning your application form to:

Claire processes the Application forms on Fridays only, so please be patient.

There is a strict process which must be followed with any of the services, so if you’ve only thought about getting dog training last night, and are expecting a session today, then you’re going to be very disappointed. 

On most occasions, Claire will then ask you to complete the short VideoAsk interview to help with your application process. Claire is very specific to whom she works with, and not all applications will be accepted.