The Bandwidth Barker! High Peak Dog Services

What Will You Learn?

During this intensive two hour training course, you will learn more about how to start reducing that demand barking that drives you up the wall! For the sake of all members ears, dogs will be worked individually for this workshop with around a 20 minute slot per attendee.

  • Reward Ratios!
    Are you struggling to keep your dog from barking, and they always seem to get the last word in?
    We’ll be starting the session by identifying in each dog where the behaviour starts to present itself, before the barking occurs. You might not see it and only hear the barking, but chances are there will be signals you can learn to spot. 

  • Speed up, Slow Down! Most attention seeking dogs are bored and incredibly fast, so we will be digging into my trainers toolbox and pulling out activities that can help you to promote more and more patience! 

  • Receive a personalised plan of action to take away for you and your gun dog to continually improve on their behaviour

  • Special In Person Bonus upon arrival

The bookings for the in person class are as listed above. 

For the online format and to receive a copy of the training day and activities, please use this link below: 

(Videos will be sent via email after the class has commenced. So, please use your best email to receive)