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1:1 Training, in person, with Claire High Peak Dog Services

Dog Training isn’t that complicated.

I know you’re probably either at your wits end right now, or perhaps you’ve been trying and seeing some results going it alone, but you’re not quite getting the results you were hoping for, from it. 

But dog’s are actually quite simple creatures. 

Now, of course the variations of behavioural problems range from simple to severe, but once we see what’s happening, I have helped hundreds of dog owners to start solving their problems.

The beauty of in person training is that because people are individuals, it allows me to see exactly what’s happening currently and then exactly where we can improve things for you both.

Sometimes that will be a slight change in the humans behaviour. Sometimes it will be more changes on the dog’s part. 

When I get my eyes on you and your dog, the probability of you reaching your goal dramatically improves. 

So, I run a minimum of two sessions booked together, because as much as I’d like to get you to your end goal in one 45 minute session, it just doesn’t work like that. 

The first lesson consists of seeing what’s happening, settling you and your dog into the training, and then so as not to overwhelm you both, giving you simple, yet incredibly effective starter methods for you to work on throughout the week. 

The second session is where we then set to work on solidifying what we want to be seeing more of, and practicing it in a safe place, so we get maximum results. 

It’s not always a two session job and it’s all done. There are dogs who may need more work and would benefit from a more regular program if they’re suffering more severe behavioural problems. 

Each session is 45 minutes long, and split over two consecutive weeks. 

We train in Buxton, Derbyshire, and upon booking you will then receive details of where to come, and what to bring with you. 

If after the two sessions, you do require more help or would like to continue with us, (barking dog/ more complex behavioural issues) then you automatically qualify for the follow on sessions, which are then at the reduced rate.

This allows you to not only continue maximising your progress, but you also get access to work with my exclusive Elite team. My top performers who regularly train with me. 

It’s not a requirement, but I shout their praises a lot which you get to see if you choose to work more closely with us. What they’ve achieved is second to none!

If you have any questions before booking on, then feel free to email us at: 

Please allow a couple of days for us to get back to you. Things are incredibly busy here after the lockdown, and there are lots of owners needing and currently getting our help.