• Pull on the lead?
  • Jump up excessively?
  • Chew anything they find?

  • Struggle to concentrate?
  • Lack Confidence and Snap?
  • Reluctant to get in the car?

  • Dislike the vets or groomers?
  • Are they gunshy or scared of fireworks?
  • Get Over Excited or Become Vocal And Bark?

The TTouch course is a two day deep dive into Tellington TTouch bringing in some of the ideas of the Naughty But Nice® Programme. 

This is a combination of practical and theory sessions.

Within the course we will cover the following:

Day One

• What is TTouch, a presentation on what the work is understanding body language and learning how to observe your dogs. We do a couple of short practical sessions within this presentation.

• Touch session, we will learn around 6-10 of the body touches, and how to use them. We practice on each other followed by a session with the dogs participating.

• Body wraps, what are they, how do they work. We have a go at wearing wraps to gain a better understanding of the value of wraps

• Introvert Extrovert. A presentation looking at Canine emotions and behaviour, some of the NBN strategies and how dogs make choices, we incorporate a discussion on arousal and threshold and helping dogs to make positive choices. We also look at some of the dangers of labeling dogs.

Day Two

• Loose Leash Walking seminar, looking at the Tellington TTouch methods of teaching dogs to loose lead walk, We learn a number of the methods, including, meet and melt, using the liberty leash, stroking the lead and an A to B. We also discuss the value of harnesses and good harness design.

• Relationship building with your dog. A presentation about enhancing your relationship with your dog, we also discuss some of the multi-person leading techniques, and techniques using ropes.

• TTouch Chinese Whispers!

• Freework. We look at TTouch freework and give some of the dogs the opportunity to try freework and the counting game, developed by Sarah Fisher and Chirag Patel.

• Groundwork We have the opportunity to take dogs around a confidence course.

I cannot tell you how massive this is.

Firstly Alex Wilson is a certifed TTouch practitioner, which means he’s got game and knows his stuff.

Having a difficult myself, I have used TTouch training to help both Hunter my German Shepherd with his barking anf fear towards other dogs and I practice TTouch with Digger my working line border terrier who is a hyper energetic chasing, hunting and would kill machine.

Derbyshire has never had anything like this in the area before and I am incredibly excited to be bringing this to you.

It’s a long day, I get it but what you will learn for you and your dog on this two day course will be worth it’s weight in gold.

This is a ‘bring your dog’ course. They must be able to settle in a crate between sessions and be comfortable in an environemtn around other dogs and people.

Barking dogs are not a problem providing they are not suffering with a more severe type of bark, which you can find out more about on my 3 Steps To Silence webpage.


The price is based on both full days and you will be be provided with teas, coffees and nibbles throughout. 

Please bring your own lunch.

Spaces for this are VERY LIMITED and once the tickets are gone, they are gone!