Last Course Ever For This Is April 2019!

Did You Miss It? Read on to find out more

  • Does the cute and well behaved puppy you once had, seemed to have vanished?

  • Are they creating havoc and chaos everywhere you go?

  • Have they stopped listening to you and now really naughty?

  • Do they never seem to tire?

Did you know that they won’t just grow out of those naughty behaviours?

  • Biting on the lead
  • Shredding their bed
  • Running off to other dogs and people
  • Jumping up

It won’t go away if it’s left, it will only get worse.

The Teenage Tearaways Course, is a fresh new approach to transforming your naughty puppy into the perfect pooch!

It’s all about the nose in this course and you will learn just how to tire and challenge your puppy effectively and remove all of that never ending energy in just one hour.

Everyone is talking about!

But I have bad news… It is no longer available to book on to in the classroom.

Though what I have done, is made the important sections of the course available via online teaching, so you can make a start and turn your teenage tearaway around.

If you want a calmer, confident, happier dog who behaves and listens to you instead of sodding off to the other end of the dog park, then you’d be a fool to not learn about this.

A different and unique style of training that guarantee’s your dog will learn to stay calm, listen and be really tired after it.

This has been the hottest class in town, but now it’s time to change the course for the summer. 

A very small investment to make that will deliver tremendous benefits, that won’t leave you disappointed.

You can email for any more details that you may need.

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