Have you currently got an out of control, four legged, teenage tearaway?

Are they still biting you or taking it out on the lead?

Did they used to stay with you on walks but are now going off doing their own thing?

(If left, naughty behaviours will get worse)

Introducing our brand new and revamped Teenage Tearaway Course, which is a fresh new approach to transforming your naughty puppy into the perfect pooch!

You and your puppy can join a very select group of dedicated and action taking puppy owners in this six week, reward based training course that will give you the skills you need to set you up for success! Everyone is talking about!

Not only are we are a fully reward based company but we will also encourage you to build an even stronger bond and relationship with your puppy, so they will want to listen, want to be with you and will want to work for you.

This style of training isn't forceful or corrective, it requires kindness, patience and consistency but boy you will reap the rewards of that, IF you follow our techniques.

The prime time for a teenager puppy to run away, start excessively jumping up, pulling on the lead and starting to become a pain in your side is between 6-14 months of age and this is the time that most people completely give up on their dogs training!


If you want a calmer, confident and happy puppy who behaves and listens to you instead of sodding off to the other end of the dog park, then the prime time to train your puppy is now.

Puppy class is important, but for us, this stage is equally, if not more important so we can prevent naughty behaviours from getting worse.

There are limited spaces on this course and we will only take a maximum of six per class and you must book via the online booking system to secure your place. No walk-in's allowed here.

Professional and a unique style of training that will guarantee you will leave the training hall with one tired puppy. Every owners perfect scenario.

This is the hottest class in town and it is a very small investment to make that will deliver tremendous benefits, that won't leave you disappointed.

If you leave a problem that you are having with your puppy now, it will cost you much more in the future to try and undo the skill that your puppy has learnt to use! Once something has been learnt (good or bad) the puppy will remember it.

If the behaviour got the puppy what they wanted, they will use that behaviour again. If it is left unattended or trained out of them, when you get to the end of your patience with the puppy and decide to call in a dog trainer, you will have a much harder and longer process to complete in order to stop it!

It is easy to just give up and let them get away with it but what have you got to lose?

Read on, to find out how we can help you outside of the classes too!

We don't just stick to the class room either as we understand an hour a week isn't going to teach a puppy much in the way of training,  so if you find that you need further help or advice outside of the classroom, then you can get immediate access to our Inner Circle Facebook Page where you can find more useful information at the click of a button.

This is an online community and not only will it serve to support you at those times when your struggling with your puppy, but it will also be a platform for you to share your puppy training videos, mix with like for like minded people who are going through the same issues as you and any problems that you may be incurring that you need answers for, can be asked and directly answered by Claire herself.

Claire will also post weekly live videos covering different topics on all things canine, something that is becoming very popular within the group!

Join The Inner Circle

If you are super keen to learn more about this first, then get yourself onto our email list, you should have seen a pop up on the website when you arrived. Just fill in your details and you will be automatically added to the daily email list.

The training courses are held in Buxton and the dates for the remaining courses are listed below.

The class is held from 7.30-8.30pm every Thursday for six consecutive weeks and you can now book your placement online.

2018 Dates!

January 10th- February 14th

February 28th - April 4th

April 11th - May 16th

May 23rd - June 27th

July 4th - August 18th

August 15th - September 19th

September 26th - October 31st (Halloween Special)

November 7th - December 12th (Christmas Special)

Please note that your puppy must be comfortable in an environment around other dogs and people, if you're unsure about whether your puppy meets the requirements, then we ask for you to contact us to discuss this further.

We do not allow full, half check or choke chains and these will not be permitted in the hall. We do not allow extending or flexi leads in the hall either.
We do not allow any Wagg or Bakers treats in the hall.

You can email claire@highpeakdogservices.co.uk for any more details that you may need.

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