Does Your Dog Run Off To Every Distraction That They See?

Do You Wish That You Could Stop Them In Your Tracks?

To Teach Them To Ignore Other Things Around Them And Just Stay With You?

Now You Can…

The off lead dog, young wild and free.

Happily exploring and sniffing everything around them whilst ignoring your very existence.

They see another dog or person in the distance, then BOOM

They go from zero to 110mph ‘Road Runner’ speeds, off into the distance and you left aimlessly shouting their name.

Main roads, aggressive on lead dogs, children playing in the firing line, your dog doesn’t care.

They’re on a mission!

What do you do?

Some dogs are willing to play. Some dogs do not.

Dangerous doesn’t come onto a dogs radar until it’s too late.

How long is it until your dog interrupts the space of an on lead dog?

One that is on lead for a very valid reason. Possibly capable of biting or attacking them, because they do not like ‘to play’

It happens.

How long will it be until your dog runs straight out and under a car on the main road?

It happens.

How long is it until your own dog starts lunging and barking whilst they’re on the lead because they want to go and play?

But now you daren’t let them off because you know they won’t come back!

This happens frequently.

– Do you want to discover how you can teach your dog to not run off after other dogs/people/birds/bees/ whatever?

– Do you wish that you could wave a magic wand or even blow that magical whistle that has them coming flying back to you, every single time they hear it?

– Isn’t it time to discover the proven to work training techniques that are out there, that teaches your dog to stop running off and dead in their tracks?

This four week course will give you and your dog the skills you need to teach them to not run away to everything and anyone they see.

It will also sharpen up those recall and loose lead walking skills because I will be teaching you all of the following:

– To listen to you at all times.

– To come back first time when they are called, irregardless of what is around.

– To stop running off immediately and stay still, when they hear the ‘command’

Over the four weeks, you will learn to effectively teach the stop whistle in the hall and get them to stop on cue, every time.

Please note I can take naughty, but nice dogs, however they must be comfortable around other people and dogs, and have no snapping or biting aggression issues.

The course is run from 7:30pm on the selected dates and you will need the following equipment:

– High Value, pea sized, tasty treats. Cooked chicken, liver, sausage etc

– Vet bedding or a mat for your dog to lie on
– A new or their favourite toy, squeaks allowed
– Poo bags
– A training whistle