The Pre-School Puppy Program

Discover the secrets to successful puppy training and avoid the common mistakes, most new puppy owners make which ruins their puppies behaviour!

Online Puppy Training: Helping you to get things right from the start

What You Will Learn:

Class 1:

  • Using Food Effectively
  • What’s My Name?
  • Toilet Training

Class 2:

  • OUCH! Prevent puppy Biting
  • The Crate Is Great! 
  • How To Play Together & Stay Together

Class 3:

  • Calm Cuddles Only Please
  • Correct Socialisation Done Right
  • Vet & Groomer Trips

Class 4:

  • How To Get Your Puppy To Listen To You Outside, Instead Of Wanting Everything And Everyone Else!
  • Teaching Sit and Down
  • Predatory Rewards Are Priceless!

Please note: You can book this course now and get started as soon as tomorrow.

It’s an online program that takes place as soon as you hit the download button. Attendance and entry dates/times are flexible. Unlike the booking system is stating.

Ready For Classes?

The Perfect Puppy Classes

  • Getting A New Puppy, But No Idea Where To Begin?

  • Do You Want To Avoid All Of Those Naughty Behaviours You See Other Dogs Doing?

  • Are You Struggling To Tire Your Puppy, Via The Vets 5 Minutes Per Month Exercise Recommendations?

Training a puppy is great but you’ve got get things right from the start. Otherwise, it’s even harder. 

Forget all about strict obedience with me, mind. I don’t like it, especially with puppy training. Puppies are like kids, imagine trying to teach a 3 year old to sit a university exam.

It’d be impossible wouldn’t it! So, don’t expect your puppy to do adult dog training, before they are ready too. 

My pledge to you:

  •  You will have a puppy who wants to be with and wants to listen to you.

  • Forget about distractions, they won’t care about anything else around.

Providing you do the work, your puppy, it will be a dream.

My classes are fun and much more effective than any others around.

Your puppy will develop confidence, listening skills and learn to be super chilled and calm.

This is as much about training you, as it is your dog though.

Gone are the days of having to wait weeks to start your puppies training too.

The way that I train, means your puppy can start once they are fully vaccinated and have the all clear to venture out. 

Due to the socialisation period being a very short one by the time you get your puppy home, it is very important to get them socialised CORRECTLY.

For these courses you must book and allocate your slot.

Please note that your puppy must be comfortable in an environment around other dogs and people. If you’re unsure about whether your puppy meets the requirements, then just email me first.

I do not allow full, half check or choke chains EVER. No excuses.

These will not be permitted in the hall and you will be asked to remove and replace them. If you haven’t a replacement, then you can’t participate in that class.

I do not allow extending or flexi leads in the hall either.

I also do not allow any Wagg or Bakers products.

You can email for any more details that you may need.

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