Are you tired of being dragged along by your dog?

Sick of them running off from you?

Are they constantly jumping up at you or guest visitors?

Do they pay attention to everything else but you?

Did you know that you can change their naughty behaviours in to good ones?

Irregardless of how old they are…

Dog’s are selfish.

There is no doubt about it, you can bet your bottom dollar that if they want to go and do something and they get the opportunity to do it, they’ll be off.

But, no matter what training problem that you are struggling with, our 1-2-1 dog training service aims to change that for you and get you back on track with a problem free pooch that you are proud to take to the park.

Here are just some of the things that we can help you with:

  • Walking nicely on a lead
  • Coming back when called
  • Ignoring other dogs, people or distractions
  • Leave that! Cow muck, leftover food or anything that you don’t want them to have.
  • Stop stealing food from the kitchen counter
  • No more jumping up
  • Go to bed
  • Barking dogs
  • Over excitement

If you’re training issue isn’t on this list, email me to ask about it. I promise to reply to every email, but I’m busy so click send and wait. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Any waits that are over a week, email me again. Sometimes the inbox filters out messages, because it’s a busy inbox!


When you have a problem with your dog, it can be really stressful and you start to dread having to take them out.

Will you bump into another dog?
Which person are they going to jump up at and scratch today?
How much more can your arms take when they are constantly pulling.

It’s annoying too.

Dogs think differently to us though and by learning more about how they learn and then working on fixing those problems, turning them into better behaviours not only leaves for a happier you but also a happier dog too.

I don’t work on any of this punishment nonsense either, it isn’t fair on the dog and it doesn’t teach them anything.

Really all it does is make you feel better for a second or two and then thinking you’ve done something about it.

But when the dog then continues to perform that undesirable behaviour again, what exactly is it that they have learned?

If you have a crazy chaotic canine that drives you mad and stresses you out, then get the help now before the problem starts to get worse.

Because in dog behaviour, if it get’s left then they won’t just grow out of it, it WILL get worse.

Instead of struggling with your dog, then why not get the professional help now and prevent the problems from getting any worse?

1: Simply fill in the Application Form
2: Email:
    Await my response. Email me again, if nothing in three days.
3: Pay for your chosen package.
4: If accepted, I will email you to arrange the first training.
    If unaccepted, I will explain why.