Multi Dog Households: The Reality!

Sarah Bartlett KCAI QIDTI, Author of the best selling book ‘Another Pup? – The Comprehensive Guide To Adding To or Becoming A Multi-Dog Household’ is coming to Buxton!

Canine First Aid Course With Rachel Bean

Rachel Bean RVN is a Qualified Veterinary Nurse with 20 years experience and has just confirmed this fantastic and educational first aid course for you as a pet dog owner.

The Perfect Puppy Project

Discover the ultimate no-mess, zero-stress, step-by-step guide to raising the perfect puppy. This is the essential seminar for first-time puppy owners, from the bestselling author of How To Be Your Dog’s Superhero

Tellington T-Touch With Alex Wilson


  • Pull on the lead?
  • Jump up excessively?
  • Chew anything they find?

  • Struggle to concentrate?
  • Lack Confidence and Snap?
  • Reluctant to get in the car?

  • Dislike the vets or groomers?
  • Are they gunshy or scared of fireworks?
  • Get Over Excited or Become Vocal And Bark?