Where the dogs come running for more

  • Teaching owners to ‘Be More Dog’
  • Learning how to effectively change those undesirable and annoying behaviours into good, functional and everyday habits, that get the results that you as a dog owner want
  • Working through a proven to work training plan, with the Number One rated Dog Trainer of the Dales
  • Live Training Classes with Claire¬†
  • A monthly, delivered to your dog, ‘The Dog’s Declaration’ Newsletter containing jam packed and second to none dog training content

And…we’ve saved the best until last

  • Unlimited training assessments showing you exactly how to improve and get rid of those unwanted and frustrating chaotic canine behaviours


The Academy will give you everything that you need to make that change from Naughty to Nice and I personally guarantee that if you listen, work hard and put the effort in, then you will never look back.

I demand excellence and recognise the realities and challenges that owning a dog brings, therefore if you decide to join us just know that I won’t play any games on telling you exactly what it is that you need to change to progress.

So if you are a sensitive sausage and get easily offended, then scuttle off to the ‘butter me up brigade’ that other dog training instructors dish out.

But, if like me you ain’t scared of the hard work, want to have that problem free pooch and are prepared to get creative, be adventurous and are not afraid of trying new things The Academy
will help you on your journey.

Now it’s time for you to decide.

Will you join the group of positive pack leaders, ready to take charge and change their ways to get what they want in life


Will you stick to the butter me up brigade that get’s you no results, spinning round in circles and problem behaviours getting worse?

See you on the inside