Have you ever wondered how dog trainers get so much better results from the dogs?

Isn't it frustrating when you see your dog putting their best foot forward for them, but they won't do it for you?

I get it and I understand how difficult it can be for you trying to work on the training given in a session and things are going wrong.

There’s a lot to take into consideration to get the most effective results. And that’s why I’ve developed the ‘All You Have To Do’ Training course.

A four week training course limited spaces where you can bring me your dog. Any age. Any breed. Any behaviour problem and you can watch me not only work your dog and train them in the class, but also take you through the stages in helping to fix it, week by week.

And you get given ONE thing to work on with your dog in between the sessions, ready for the next class.


  • You can bring any age, breed or behaviour of dog. PROVIDING your dog doesn’t have an issue with humans. I cannot legally take dogs in a class setting that are not comfortable with other people.

    The class will consist of the dogs being worked individually, so it doesn’t matter if they bark, excessively jump up or you have to let go of the lead because of their strength in pulling. This won’t be a problem

  • Your dog must be able to settle in the car during the rest of the course.

  • I do not allow slip leads, check chains (full or half) or extending leads in my classrooms. Flat collars/ well-fitted harnesses with clip on leads only.

  • The spaces for this are limited to FOUR only. Your dog will be allocated their training time with me during the class each week.

Any questions just fire me an email: claire@highpeakdogservices.co.uk