Does your puppy chew everything in sight?

Do they either pull relentlessly on the lead or not walk on the lead at all?

Are they full of energy but you cant walk them for miles yet due to their age?

Then our Puppy Training Classes are just what you need!

We pride ourselves on bringing you and your puppy an informative and fun filled training course, that will leave you very happy that you booked and your puppy will be exhausted! Using only the most up to date, scientifically proven and fully reward based techniques, our classes are not only fun but also incredibly productive meaning your puppy will learn quickly but most importantly, love every minute of it!

Gone are the days of having to wait weeks to start your puppies training. The way we train, means that your puppies can start their learning only a week after their final vaccinations! (or upon your vet recommendations) Due to the socialisation period being a very short one by the time you get your puppy home, it is very important to get them correctly socialised as soon as they are allowed to get out and about to meet their new world.

Socialisation is a very misunderstand phrase. Our classes do not allow free play. We work on focusing your new puppy around other dogs, instead of just letting them get on with it. Why??

We find that puppies who can just go off and play with other dogs can learn one of a few things:

They play too rough, having a great time but eventually become a bully...
Become bullied if they do not like it....
Do not acknowledge their owners if another dog appears!

You don't want this do you?

If yo answered yes then don't you worry because our classes will set you both up for success and you will have a dog that listens to you even when other dogs are around!

During our courses, we cover all of the basic skills you will need for your puppies training AND we also teach you some valuable real life skills that you can apply to everyday situations.

These classes are designed for you both to learn new and exciting things to build an even stronger bond and have a puppy that LISTENS. We welcome any member of the family to attend and children are allowed in the hall, providing that they're well behaved and will take part or sit quietly during the lessons.

These courses are run for six weeks, with a brand new addition of BONUS WEEKS after your course has finished!

Held on Thursday evenings, 6:30pm at St Thomas Moore School, Buxton.


The bonus weeks will cover different behaviours each time and is an addition to teach your puppy some really interesting tricks and tips!

Some snippets of what we teach are below...

Target Training
If you're good, you can wear the halti
Vet trips and Handling

For these courses you must book and allocate your slot, you can email us on to get more details.

All puppies must be comfortable around various other dogs and being handled by other people, if your puppy does not meet this criteria, then they may not be ready for a class environment.

Stressed or fearful dogs will not learn in an environment, that they are uncomfortable in.

If you're unsure whether your puppy will meet our criteria, then please feel free to contact us and ask.

You can email to book your slot for either of the courses above.

2018 Dates now released!

January 11th: Six week course.

February 22nd and March 1st: ***Bonus Weeks, age limit 6 months***

March 8th: Six week course.

April 19th and 26th: ***Bonus Weeks, age limit 6 months***

May 3rd: Six week course.

June 14th and 21st: ***Bonus Weeks, age limit 6 months***