Does your dog only focus on you in the house?

Are you sick of them constantly pulling?

Ever feel like the lead is the only thing keeping you both together?

Do they constantly jump up to greet strangers?

You've taken them to training classes and in the hall your dog was great, they learnt exactly what to do and how to walk to heel perfectly. Then you find that they only did it in the class!

Why is that? 

Taking and teaching those skills, outside into everyday life can prove a challenge for a lot of owners. This is because dogs don't generalise very well and you can quickly find yourself hanging on for dear life whilst the dog takes you for a walk!

That is why we have created this Outside Training Course, which helps you to:

  • Focus your dog amongst lots of distractions
  • Have them walking beautifully on a loose lead and the best of all;
  • They actually come back when they're called....FIRST TIME!

See the video for yourself! Here is Sybil the spaniel, performing a beautiful recall away from the distractions (Trainer) on her first signal to return!

This course will focus on a few things over six weeks and we promise you that if you implement what we teach you on a daily basis over the six weeks, your dog will want to walk to heel, they'll want to come back when called and they will choose to focus on you and they will refrain from jumping up on people, even with all of those distractions around!

This course is held in various locations in Buxton. The next course will be starting on Saturday 26th May, 10-11am

This course fills up quickly, so book now to avoid missing out!

As this is weather permitting, future dates can only be released once one course has been completed. Please note that spaces are limited and your dog must wear a suitable, well fitted harness for every session.

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