Here at High Peak Dog Services we offer a training walking service that makes your life just that little bit easier. Training a new puppy or current dog can be a challenge to those who work full time or just can't find the time to invest into their companion. Life gets in the way and we often find that a lot of people learn to just put up with their dogs undesirable behaviours.

Is one of your arms starting to get longer than the other, because your dog is constantly pulling?
Does your dog completely ignore you when they're off the lead?
Do they jump up at the door to get out before you?
What about not going to bed when they told to?
Do they eat anything and everything that they pass?

If you're struggling with any of the behaviours that we have listed above, then why not let us to help?

These walks have been designed to teach your dog what it is that we mean, so they can perform them effectively and efficiently.

Using only reward based training methods, you're dog will not only learn new things but have lots of fun whilst doing it. That is of utmost importance to us and our priority will lie with the dog we have in front of us, we take it at their pace and drop our criteria to suit your dog.