High Peak dog services are a fully reward based training company and we will help you to create a calm, confident and happy puppy.

The junior course is for puppies aged between 6-14 months or if you have completed our beginners puppy training course, then you can move straight on to this one. This course develops your puppies training skills through their maturing and development stages and we cover all of the basic obedience and more advanced and mentally challenging training to ensure learning is fun and productive.

As a puppy moves into their 'teenage' phase (6-12 months!) all of their training can appear to go out of the window. It is easy to just give up and let them get away with completing and enjoying doing inappropriate behaviours but why should you when this course is right here for you!

We don't just stick to the schedule either, if you're having problems and need further advice then we are happy to share our tips and recommendations to help you. We can advise on a lot of things but please bare in mind hearing about a behaviour and seeing it in action are very different.

The training courses are held in Buxton and the dates for the remaining courses are listed below. The class is held from 7.30-8.30pm every Thursday for six consecutive weeks.


2018 Dates now released!

January 11th: Six week course.

February 22nd and March 1st: ***Bonus Weeks, all ages welcome***

March 8th: Six week course.

April 19th and 26th: ***Bonus Weeks, all ages welcome***

May 3rd: Six week course.

June 14th and 21st: ***Bonus Weeks, all ages welcome***


Please nIMG_1253ote that your puppy must be comfortable in an environment around other dogs and people, if they are fearful and are known for excessive barking (we can work with minor barking) then they will not learn in this environment and may not be ready for a class environment, we ask for you to contact us to discuss this further, if you are unsure as to whether your puppy would cope in a classroom environment or not.

We do not allow full or half check or choke chains and these will not be permitted in the hall. We do not allow extending or flexi leads in the hall either.

If you would like to book on to one of our training courses, then please contact us via email: