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Do you wish your dog would listen to you?

Does your dog listen indoors, but ignores you outside?

Are you tired at telling your dog off when guests arrive?

Find out the solution in one of our Peak Performers Packages

  If you’re just looking for a dog walker, then we are most definitely not the company for you, this is because we pride ourselves on offering much more than the average, in that we offer fantastic reward-based training, on every single walk that we do to better improve your dog’s behaviour. We also have and use a secret weapon on our walks, something that is called mental stimulation. This is incredibly important when working with dogs, it tires their active brains, reducing the chances of them becoming bored, destructive or just not settling down. What does mental stimulation actually mean? Whenever I mention the words ”mental stimulation” people often stare at me with a blank expression. They’ve never heard of it and quite frankly they don’t seem terribly interested in it either, but they really should be! Not only is it so important for your dogs well being, but it is often the missing piece of the puzzle to a dog owners troubles with their companion. Simply put, it is about keeping the brain active and working and it is the quickest route to creating a well balanced and much calmer dog. Did you know that working their brain will tire your dog out more than constantly running back and forth for a tennis ball? Keeping your dog physically exercised and in shape is an important part of dog ownership, but it isn’t as important, nor as beneficial as the mental stimulation side. People often think that if they have a problem dog, that the cure is to continuously walk them… but what if all of that walking is just adding more chaos and stress to an already chaotic or stressed out mind? Are you inadvertently creating a more active dog that can’t settle when you ask them too? Won’t listen to you when they’re off the lead? Or constantly pulling to get to where they want to go? If you’re still reading this, then I imagine that you would like to know more about the walking packages that we have on offer to help you. With our variety of times, you are sure to find something to suit your dogs needs.. Each option has the description below and if you would like your dog to become a Peak Paw-former, then please note, that you do have to apply. We will no longer walk any dog until you have completed the application form and been accepted. We only want those who are dedicated to improving their dogs behaviours, through the use of reward based training and to serve your dogs for years to come.

THE MINI: 15 / 30 minute options

Our Mini package is ideal for your puppies or those older dogs, who can not quite manage the longer walks that we offer, on this package we will cover the following: Patience at the door (Sit) Prevents over excitement and calmness Focus : Teaches dogs to stay focused on the handler instead of everything else around. Find it: Implementing scent games and using a dogs natural scavenging instincts to find             the treats or toys in which we have hidden. Send to Bed : Teaches dogs to go to bed when we return and on the first cue.

BRONZE: 30 / 45 / 60 minute options

Perfect for the over excitable dog who love to jump up!

Patience: Promotes calmness before heading outside (Sit at door)

Focus: Teaches dogs to focus on their handler instead of other distractions.

No Jumping!: Teaches dogs to keep those paws on the floor when we enter and not

to jump up when they greet people outside.

Go to Bed Teach the dogs to go to bed without us having to ask them.

SILVER: 45 / 60 minute options

Perfect for the lead pullers and dogs who love to have their heads on the floor. Don’t underestimate the power of Tracking, because the dogs absolutely love it!

Focus: Teaches dogs to focus on their handler instead of other distractions.

Loose Lead Walking: Teaches dog to walk nicely on a lead.

Stop! Useful for approaching the roadside

Tracking: This is a scent game in which the dog follows a carefully laid track on the

ground made by the handler. Tracking is an excellent form of confidence building

and also an incredibly fun activity to the dogs. Your dog will perform no more than

two tracks on their walks, due to the intensity of this activity. Dogs can progress to

follow harder to follow tracks as they progress.

GOLD: 60 minutes only

Perfect for dogs who have a tendency to run off!

Focus: Teaches dogs to focus on their handler instead of other distractions. We

progress to working in much higher level, distraction filled environments.

Leave that: Got a dog that scoffs everything that they can find? We will train your

dog to leave things when asked.

Recall: Your dog needs to be on a suitable harness for this activity as we will be

working on a long line. Dogs will eventually progress to being off the lead, but only

when we are certain that they’re ready. Taught via a whistle.

All of our walks are:

Focused and on a one-to-one basis, we include sniffing games to work the dogs brain and we include basic obedience training on every package that we do. These walks are with one of our Dog Walkers and your dog is walked from your home, ensuring that your dog receives the best and most professional training and care, that is proven to work. If you are not sure where to start or haven’t got the time to train your dog, then let us take the pressure off you! Our walkers teach your dog the behaviours that you would like them to know and do this through reward based training only. All of our walkers are: For further details or to discuss your requirements on how we may be able to assist you, then please contact Claire via email:  Please note, that we do not provide a contact telephone number until you are accepted and become a client. High Peak Dog Services GDPR Policy