Do you have a dog that jumps up at the door every time you're ready to go out?

Does your dog completely ignore you once they're outside?

Do they avoid going to their bed when you ask them too?

Then you needn't worry anymore because we teach alternative to all of these on our one to one walks, with your dogs, as standard!


We absolutely believe in dogs needing much more than just physical exercise. This is super important because otherwise dogs become bored and when they become bored.... bad things happen!

  • Chewing the furniture
  • Digging the garden up
  • Barking at everything and nothing.
  • Running at 100mph around the house
  • Biting your legs
  • Chasing anything that moves

Any of these sound familiar?

They're very intelligent animals and they need to use their brains to tire them, more often than not dogs are not allowed to use their heads to work things out because we are constantly nagging at them... but thats where we come in!

Not only will we ensure that your dog has a good stretch of their legs, we will also implement instinctually based sniffing games into every walk to make sure that they're mentally tired too! This means they will work using their nose to find the hidden goodies we stash away, they will learn that focusing on the walker is better than going off doing what they want, they will learn to race off to bed when they return home!

If you're still reading this, then i imagine you want to know more about the length of walking times on offer.

With our variety of times, you're sure to find something to suit your individual dogs needs.

We understand they can't all go out for an hour, therefore we have a various options available. Each option has a brief description attached.


Up to 15 minutes

This is ideal for very young puppies or the older dogs who just need a short amount of time during the day to get out of the house and go to the toilet. We also offer this service for dogs if you just need them checking on or giving them some companionship to break the day up for them through play or cuddles.

30 minutes

This option is well suited for the younger, more active pups who are not physically ready for a long walk. This is great for puppies between 6-10 months of age. Most vets would agree that you should not over exercise a young dog, over exercising can affect and damage joint growth, therefore this option is perfect.

This is also good for older dogs who cannot manage a longer walk.

45 minutes

Is ideal for those who do not quite want an hours walk for their dog but feel 30 minutes would not just do the job!

60 minutes

The most popular walking time that we offer. This ensures a good solid walk resulting in a very tired dog for the remaining few hours that you are out of the house.

All of our walks are on a one-to-one basis and on lead.

All of our walkers are:

You can rest assured that your dog is safe and having a focused and fun filled time with us, all of the time.

For further details or to discuss your requirements on how we may be able to assist you, then please contact Claire via email: