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  • Are you fed up and frustrated with your barking dog?

  • Are you running out of patience with them?

  • Have you tried everything to stop it, but nothing has worked?

Barking Dogs Can Cause Massive Problems

Did you know that barking dogs is the MAIN problems that pet dog owners, just like yourself struggle with?

I too have been left hanging on to the lead for dear life, struggling to manage my dog and keep him calm.

My first dog Titon, went from perfect to problem in a very short space of time.

A massive factor behind why the rescue centres are full, is problematic dogs. 

Owners can’t cope, they feel like they have tried everything and see no alternative option that to give up their dog and give in.

The thing is though, what feel like an impossible task to solve, isn’t actually that difficult.

If your dogs barking is left untreated, then it will only ever continue to get worse.

But, if more people took the time to learn more about this behaviour. Then got on board with making things better then we can very quickly eradicate the problem.

I can’t solve a barking dog in one short description on a website page, but what I can do is help you to understand much better why they do this and give you my three top tips to get started on stopping your dog yapping away.

My Brand New 3 Steps To Silence: Re-write the rules and Re-train your fearful barking dog book, is now available for pre-order.

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If you’re really keen to stop your dog barking, then this is the book for you.

Sure, they are hundreds of barking dog books out there, but I can promise you, that you won’t have ever read one like mine.

‘How can you be so sure, Claire?’

Because these are my own personal stories and experiences my friend. Things that nobody could possibly copy or write about in the same way.

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Exciting stuff!